Morning Musume 12th Generation ‘Mirai Shoujo’ Auditions


Over 6000 applications have been sent in for the 12th Generation Auditions for Morning Musume and the numbers keep increasing as the deadline date has been extended. This gives me great expectations for the kind of girls that would be chosen for Morning Musume this round. With so many applications there must be many talented and anxious girls ready to join the group. New faces, new personalities and new voices- I am eager to learn them.

As I say for each audition, I always love the audition process. I get to see the talents of these girls beforehand; get to learn about them and I also get to pick my favorites. The anxiety adds to the rush of excitement.

Reina (Brainstorming)

The announcement should not have been shocking. With the departure of the main vocalist Tanaka Reina I was sure that there would be an audition to find someone to replace her. Tsunku plans on adding a ‘future girl’ who will aid in achieving success and increasing the popularity of the group. Personally, I do not want a HUGE Morning Musume. Ten members are enough for me but I would not mind seeing 1 to 3 members being added to diversify the group even further. I already have a few people in mind who I would like to see being added to the group.

Rock no Teigi _ Reina Tanaka 02

Youtube performer Cuca, who covers Hello Project and other JPOP songs, submitted her application. I have been watching her for a while and it is her dream to be a part of Morning Musume. I sincerely hope that she gets added to the group this round. I would love to see her fulfill her dream and be part of the group. Cuca has many fans worldwide and adding her to Morning Musume will only increase their popularity.

Rie 1

Hello Pro Kenshuusei Kaneko Rie is another person I would like to be added to the group. She has been in the Kenshuusei for many years but it seems like her effort has been going to waste. She has not been added to any of the groups, especially Juice=Juice, so I believe being selected as a winner for the audition will be a breakthrough for her.

Nanami 1

I cannot forget my favorite Kenshuusei, Tanabe Nanami. I was a fan of her since she was selected to be Dia for Shugo Chara Party. She has even proven herself to be a great performer during the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2013 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ as she was voted to be the favorite of the concert. She deserves to be part of the group.


Many people are concerned with the fact that there are not many colors to share among the girls in the group and with the addition of new members colors would be even more limited. Mizuki and Sayumi share different shades of pink while Kanon, Erina and Masaki share different shades of green. This worries fans that there may not be colors available for the new members. It also worried Mizuki as she gave her thoughts on the audition stating that there are not enough colors. However, I would like to disagree. Colors are unlimited. There are many that make up this world. So what if there are many shades of green and pink in the group? It is just like that in the real world. Not all plants are the same shades of green. Not all houses are grey, white and brown and may I add with the departure of Reina her color is free for use. Also, the color dark purple can be used. Or the use of pearlescent colors can be implemented just like the KPOP groups have done. So the issue of concert and member colors should not even be a concern.


I am eager to witness this new Morning Musume and to learn about the new members. I sincerely hope that Cuca, Rie and Nanami get in but I would also love to see new faces. Good luck to all those who applied! The second round begins in July.


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