Berryz Koubou ‘Golden Chinatown’ Review



Berryz Koubou has made a return with their new music video ‘Golden Chinatown’.

‘Golden Chinatown’ is the A-side to the double sided 32th single, ‘Golden Chinatown/Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi’ which means that it is the first of two videos that is set for release.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 006

The song’s concept is love in Chinatown as the descriptive word Golden is used in correlation to the place to bring about a symbolic and creative meaning.

Just as the title suggests the girls are dressed in beautiful gold outfits, each with an individualistic flavor for each member.


This sets the mood for the concept and theme. However, to my disappointment, the outfits were the only thing representative of the concept within the music video.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 088

With the exclusion of the gold ornament at the top of the set and the outfits nothing in the setting really gave an insight of the song or concept. This is just like the ‘Brainstorming’ and ‘Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai” music video sets. There is no innovation or detail. It is just a closed ‘box-set’ with pretty lights. As I mentioned in my Dear Tsunku: C-ute post, it would be nice to see a music video take place outside or at least in a set that does not look boring, low budget, outdated and not related to the meaning of the song.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 063

What I find hilarious about the picture above is the fact the lyrics states ‘I’m so hyper’ and yet Maasa has the most serious face. This music video just consists of a dance shot and close ups of the members. This is not creative in any way and completely turns me off. It is basically the same old thing repeated over and over again. C’mon Hello Project, you can do better than that.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 033

Putting the lackluster setting aside, on a more positive note, I love the fact that Hello Project are incorporating English subtitles in their videos as of recently. This shows that they keep their international fans in mind and are trying to reach to a wider market. I also love the fact that this music video was uploaded in High Definition, just as ‘Brainstorming’ was. Did Tsunku make another mistake?

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 011

In regard to the song itself, unfortunately, I must say this is not one of my favorites from the group. In my opinion, the song is not memorable and the only slightly catchy part was the chorus. The syntheic electronic beat sounded great initially but grew dull after a few seconds. Nevertheless, it was nice to hear Miyabi and Risako in the center. They have been pushed back and so we get to hear the voices of the other members of the group. Yurina’s voice impressed me greatly for this song. Regrettably, I must say that the song is a slight disappointment for me. It sounds a lot like some of their previous singles. There is no new feel or sound and my interest is beginning to decrease. It seems like they are doing the same thing repeatedly.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 096

The choreography of the song was a sweet and sour mix for me. There were points in the choreography that I enjoyed such as when Miyabi and Risako sang their “Icchai na” part and pointed. However, there were many parts of the dance that did not appeal to me. There were many repeated dance moves that I have seen in many other Berryz Koubou music videos and other Hello Project videos.

Berryz工房 『ゴールデン チャイナタウン』(Berryz Kobo[Golden ChinaTown]) (MV) 036

At the end of the day, although I am disappointed with this song and music video I am a strong supporter of Berryz Koubou and I will definitely buy the single when it is released June 19th. However, I have greater hopes for the video for the B-Side single, ‘Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi’ and I hope that a more innovative video is released.

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