KPOP BATTLE: Sistar vs Secret

KPOP BATTLE is a feature on Shannyjkpop where two totally random KPOP groups would be chosen and compared. Readers, Tumblr followers and Youtube users will then vote on their favorite group. Results will be announced when two new groups are chosen for battle!

Last time, B.A.P and Block B marched onto the battlefield.


Both groups have powerful and charismatic images that are still able to warm your hearts and woo all the fans out there. However, after a long and electrifying battle the winner was surprisingly


B.A.P(비에이피) - POWER M_V 138

This race was pretty close since both groups had a great number of fans and in some cases we had people voting for both groups! It is clear that both groups are truly loved by the KPOP nation although both being rookies to the industry. In the end B.A.P was proven to be victorious and earned the title of KPOP BATTLE WINNER!

The next two groups to go onto the battlefield are Sistar and Secret!



They are both girl groups and they both have four members. They both diversify their styles and concepts making them versatile groups. Just like the previous pairing for KPOP BATTLE these groups have large fanbases that they developed from their debuts. Today they continue to excel and shine with their talents and adaptability.



Sistar came onto the KPOP scene in 2010 with their debut single “Push Push” under Starship Entertainment.

Push Push

With this single the girls gained moderate success but continued to excel in the future releasing big singles such as “Shady Girl”, “So Cool” and “Alone”.

Shady Girl

So Cool


“Shady Girl” has a light-hearted and fun concept while “So Cool” was a little mature and well on the “cool” side. “Alone” had a sexy concept with erotic and sensual dance moves and melody. This shows that the group is capable of pulling off almost any concept.


Sistar has also gained success with their subunit, Sistar19 consisting of members Bora and Hyorin, with their songs “Ma Boy” and more recently “Gone Not Around Any Longer”.

Ma Boy

Gone Not Around Any Longer

Although Sistar19 is just a mere subunit Bora and Hyorin never ceases to impress with these songs and videos. We get a great mixture of Hyorin’s prevailing voice and Bora’s rapping and dancing skills.

These girls have individual talents that contribute to the diversity and great capabilities of the group.

Hyorin 5soyu

The group’s leader, Hyorin and Soyu are the great vocalists in the group. Their vocals contribute to melodic and powerful songs. Hyorin’s voice is especially known throughout Korea and worldwide often being called the “Beyonce” of Korea. She has a powerful voice that many cannot match or contest to. Hyorin also has some acting experience starring in the drama “Dream High 2”.


Main dancer and rapper of the group, Bora has proven her skills through choreography and rapping. She is talented and is personally my favorite member of the group. She is even loved by her fellow Korean idols such as Jay Park.



Many consider Dasom to be the “weak link” in the group because she lacks in vocal abilities and precise dance talents. However, she makes up for this by being an exceptional actress and has starred in “Shut Up Family” and many music videos.

Love Blossom- K.Will

Rock Ur Body- VIXX


Since debut, Sistar has already has a large fanbase, STAR 1, which already supports them with an open heart. Sistar has won numerous awards (major and music awards) and has performed throughout the world from Asia to America and Europe. These girls continue to excel as they plan to make a comeback later this month. Be on the lookout for it!


secret 2

Secret debuted under TS Entertainment in 2009 with the single “I Want You Back” and already have a large fanbase (Secret Time) supporting every single.

I Want You Back

Secret has changed their concept many times with the release of cuter songs such as “Shy Boy”, “Starlight Moonlight”, upbeat songs like “Madonna” and “Magic” and sexy singles such as “Poison” and “Talk That”.

Shy Boy

Starlight Moonlight




Talk That

Through these songs we see that Secret is capable of pulling off every concept presented to them. They undertake each talent showing their vocal talents.


Secret members are very talented. Members Jieun and Sunhwa have their share of success in the music and television industry with Jieun releasing a few solos and participating in many collaborations and Sunhwa starring in a few dramas and the famous show “We Got Married” along with ZE:A’s Kwanghee.


Hana (formerly known as Zinger) is the group’s rapper. Personally, she is one of my favorite female rappers in the industry. She is very talented and underrated. Not many people recognize her for her rapping and musical capabilities. Late last year Secret was unfortunately part of a tragic accident where they were being driven and the car flipped over the side of the road injuring the members and the driver. Hana suffered from a bruised lung and several broken ribs. If the matter could not get any worse, many negative comments were lashed towards her and the group while they still suffered and were recovering from the tragic incident. Hana was hurt, emotionally and physically but this did not stop her from continuing her dream. Secret made a comeback earlier this year with “Yoohoo” where Hana began a new start by dropping her stage name Zinger and using her real name Jung Hana.


This is another “cutesy’’ song that captured the hearts of fans with its addictive melody, lyrics and easy to learn choreography.


Leader, Hyosung also had her share of tribulations recently as she got caught up in a scandal that severely damaged the image of herself and Secret. During a radio broadcast, Hyosung ignorantly used the word ‘democratization’ in the wrong context describing her group. I am not going too in depth (read more about it here) in the story but this word has a lot of meaning in Korea and the wrong use of it can cause a lot of trouble. It has great and saddening history associated with it. Hyosung used the wrong word at the wrong time. She was however very apologetic stating that she did not know the meaning to the word and used it incoherently. Many have refused to forgive her.  Secret has lost many job opportunities due to this mistake she is very apologetic and is trying to win back the hearts of her fans.


Secret is known as the girl group with the curviest bodies in the KPOP industry. They may be a little bigger than most girl groups but they have curves and great shape that makes the guys’ (and girls) heart throb! This adds to the uniqueness of their groups and aids them in sexy concepts.


Secret has been though a lot together as a group but they are still strong competitors in the KPOP industry. They still have a strong fanbase and great songs that everyone loves. They are able to bounce back from every obstacle that comes in their path!

secret12 sistar 59

Both groups are favorites of mine so it is hard to choose between them. So I want you the readers to choose your favorite group! Who do you think will win this KPOP BATTLE? Come back next time to see the winner of this battle and see which two groups will march onto the battlefield next!

Vote in the poll below, vote on facebook or place your choice in this tumblr post!

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