S/mileage’s ‘Atarashi Watashi Ni Nare!’ Review

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 005

Earlier this month S/mileage released their 14th single ‘Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan’ which easily turned into one of my favorite singles from S/mileage so far. They received moderate success by selling almost 28,000 copies in four weeks.

The A-side of the single ‘Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!’ is the music video that I will be reviewing.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 013

All the girls look gorgeous in the music video. I loved the outfits which consisted of a white short-cropped top, a white skirt with a matching jacket and a silver belt. Each member wore bold black and white striped high heeled shoes. The mature clothing matched the mature theme of this song. This song was different from previous cute and upbeat S/mileage songs. Although it consisted of a mature theme there was still that ‘S/mileage style’ to it.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 009 スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 061 スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 062

The music video was very ‘Hello Project-like’. There were the typical close up and dance shots but it seems as if Hello Project tried to change it up with different versions of close ups. There were scenes of the girls in a dark room with a spotlight shining on them; the typical close up against the white background, close ups and angle shots during the dance portion and close ups of the girls holding up signs which reminded me of Morning Musume’s ‘Seishun Collection’ where the member also held up signs during the music video.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 023

I really loved the choreography of the song. It was different from most Hello Project dances. There were leg flipping, feline movements, head bobbing, and pauses and at certain parts of the choreography the girls were broken up into groups and danced separately. This differed from the typical dance moves you see recycled between each group in Hello Project.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 086

As for the song itself, I love the fact that the lines were more evenly distributed. I heard a lot more Rina and Kana. I cannot exactly describe it but there was something unique about the way the song was distributed as well which made it favorable to me. Many people complained about this new image for S/mileage but I really like the change. It marks their improvement as a group and individually. For example, Ayaka looked very sexy and her voice actually did not make me cringe for once while listening to the song.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 053スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 012

Meimi impressed me the most in this video. She has greatly improved. She has moved away from her previous nasal voice and can effectively utilize her voice to suit the song. She can pull off high and low notes well and is the best singer in S/mileage in my opinion. She displays a high level of professionalism and is dedicated to her work.

スマイレージ 『新しい私になれ!』(S_mileage[Be the new me!]) (MV) 041

I have nothing but good comments about this song. I am really impressed with the new S/mileage and I hope they continue along this part and only continue to improve. I personally wish that this single sold better than it did because it is a really good song- their best in my opinion. I love the mature S/mileage!

  1. S-Mileage has come a long way from Chotto Matte Kudasai!.
    The music for “Be The New Me” has a sophisticated arrangement; some fans will have to listen more than once to feel its flow.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10 for vocals, choreography, and visual appeal.

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