Morning Musume 12th Generation ‘Mirai Shoujo’ Auditions Canceled

Morning Musume


I know that I am ridiculously late with this news but I have started University and I can now understand why all students complain of a lack of free time.

 Morning Musume’s 12th Generation audition, “Mirai Shoujo” has been canceled. This news crushed some fans’ hearts as they have been excitedly waiting for several months to see the new faces of Morning Musume while other fans were elated that their favorite group was not about to change just yet.

Tsunku implied that although the candidates were ‘strong’ he did not believe that they were ready to join the group at their current high level. Tsunku also stated that he wanted to focus on improving Morning Musume and Hello Project, especially Juice=Juice, the newest group in Hello Project.

When the time is right another audition for the 12th Generation will be held. I believe that this may occur upon Sayumi’s graduation or a few months later.

Although I was one of the excited people to see change within the group I can understand the producer’s reasons; I too want to see Morning Musume grow so change might not be ideal at this moment in time.

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