Damaged Lady Review



This is a review of Kara’s ‘Damaged Lady’.  I am not really a huge fan of Kara; I only know and like a few of their songs but their latest comeback single, ‘Damaged Lady’ really blew me out of the park. I really love the song and have been listening to it on repeat since I first saw the music video. The song is addictive and the video is sexy.


The music video begins with a low seductive whisper from Goo Hara with a low bass synthetic beat into a contrasting high prolonged note from Seungyeon. This contrast did not only interest me in the song but also showed the members’ talents and vocal talents.

03 12

The song was of the rhythm and blues genre with a slight mixture of a rock instrumental. The theme of the video seemed to be a sexy one with a bit of rebellion. The girls looked sexy and fabulous dressed in black seductive clothes dancing and singing about the disappointments in their past relationship.


In the video they switched their sexy style to pants and ties denoting a change in gender roles. This probably symbolizes their independence now that they are no longer in an unsatisfactory relationship. In other words, ‘Kara doesn’t need a man!”.

The choreography was very innovative and detailed. It wasn’t as repetitive as other KPOP dances. There was also the now famous ‘Ring Dance’ where they pull off the ring symbolizing the end of the commitment. I would really love to learn this dance.


In my opinion Nicole impressed me the most in this video. Before, I didn’t particularly like her singing but she sounded great for this song! However, the only part of the song that did not appeal to me was the rap portion in the middle of the song. It felt out of place and a bit awkward. The song would have been better without it.


Otherwise, I was impressed with the song overall. This song made me more interested in Kara. Now I anticipate how they can top this song and make me even more interested in them.

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