Coup D’Etat Video Review

This video review is one of the many that are very overdue but due to the great demand from my university life I have been behind in many of my blog posts. I now understand why bloggers in university delay their blog posts.

*sad face*


This is a short review for G-Dragon’s music video, ‘Coup D’état’; and the reason why it is a short review is not only because I have a limited time to write this post but is because the video was interesting but did not really appeal to me. I also did not have a great understanding of the symbolism. I was told that the people in Europe will have a better understanding of the symbolism found in this video. I am not sure how true this is but I do not reside in Europe and I do not quite understand the symbolism hidden throughout the video.


I researched the term ‘Coup D’état’ and retrieved various definitions. After skimming through a few meanings the general definition that stuck out to me was ‘the sudden or unexpected seizure of power or successful achievement of something difficult’. However, in reading the translation of the song I believe the term is used to show that G-Dragon believes that he is the best in the industry and has taken over. He has the ultimate power in the industry. How this concept relates to the dark setting and symbols in the music video I am not too sure. I have an idea but I don’t want to share my opinion if I am not 100% confident in it.


Looking into the music video, it consists of a dark setting and dark symbolism that was typical of the unique and creative G-Dragon style. There was blood, dark paint, dark wings, and a contrast of white and black backgrounds, women dressed in red and black tears. G-Dragon even had his face painted black which was finally the answer to the controversy earlier this year where he uploaded a picture of his face painted black on instagram leading to many people believing he was making a racial gesture.


Initially, the music video was not memorable and did not appeal to me at all. Only the cute little boy at the beginning of the video, G-Dragon’s physical appearance (loved his hair), his “swag check” tagline and the acoustic ‘lyrics’ at the end of the video really captured my interest. However, as I listened to the song and looked at the video over and over they both began to grow on me and I learned to admire and respect the slower beat and melody.


This is a really artistic and symbolic song. Unfortunately, my lack of comprehension of the symbolism may have prohibited me from truly enjoying the video. I still admire it for its creativity and G-Dragon’s great vocals and talents. If you have an understanding of the symbolism please do not be afraid to explain it to me in the comments below!

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