Ringa Linga Video Review

The wait is over! Taeyang has finally made a comeback with his song ‘Ringa Linga’!


V.I.P’s and Soulmates worldwide have waited months for this comeback from Taeyang and many (including me) have not been disappointed!


Ringa Linga has been said to be written and composed by fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon. Upon hearing this I became even more excited because I have loved G-Dragon’s songs in the past.


The song consists of a slow hip hop beat with repetitive words. The lyrics basically denote a carefree life forgetting about current worries and troubles and partying and enjoying life at the moment. Taeyang shows his versatility as goes from rapping to singing in a single smooth transition. He also shows off his remarkable dancing abilities in the breath-taking choreography.


The choreography video was released before the actual music video. When I heard the song and saw the dance I instantly fell in love. The dance was so complex and interactive- even the backup dancers captured my interest. The choreography incorporated a great contrast of powerful and sharp moves with body waves and smoother movement. Its creativity captivated me. I expected nothing less from a Taeyang video and it made my anticipation for the music video grow.


I really loved this song, video and dance. I highly recommend supporting Taeyang by buying his song and looking at the video. After being away for so long it is great to make a comeback as big as this. I know I will have this song on repeat!



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