Juice= Juice’s 2nd Single Music Review

Juice=Juice has released their 2nd single ‘Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo/ Hajimete wo Keiken-Chuu’.

The first video to be reviewed is the 2nd A-side of the single, Hajimete wo Keiken-Chuu’


The song contrasts the first A-side of the single. It is a catchy and cute tune that describes the feelings associated with a girl’s first love.

02 11

The concept is causal and we hear solos from all the members. It was great to hear Yuka’s and Akari’s voice for a change. Yuka and Akari are great singers and I believe Tsunku should incorporate them into their songs more often instead of just distributing the lines between Tomoko, Sayuki and Karin.


There was no dance shot due to Karin’s injured ankle but the music video still captured my interest due to the girls’ smiling faces in the close-ups and the welcoming setting. It was interesting to see the members’ colors being integrated into the background and in the props such as the curtains and pillows.


I do not have much to say about the video other that I love it. The song is really catchy- I find myself humming to it quite often.  This is a side of Juice=Juice I would not mind seeing more often.

The next video to be reviewed is the first A-side, ‘Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo’.


I absolutely love this song! I am fully impressed by Juice=Juice’s attempt to take on an old-school disco concept and make it their own.  The song is catchy and the choreography is addicting. Integrated into the choreography was Juice=Juice’s trademark chain-reaction movement where one member immediately follows another creating a fluid and stepwise formation. I also really enjoyed hearing the high-pitched ‘onegai’ parts of the song. The girls really sang this song well. I just wish that I heard more of Yuka and Akari.

05 08

I felt sorry to see Karin limited to a chair in her solo shots. She was unable to take part in the dance shot due to her injured ankle. Because of this Ishida Ayumi of Morning Musume replaced Karin in the dance shot due to their similar height and size. Although they were attempting to release the music video on time and the video would have looked empty without the dance shot, I did not like the fact that Ayumi replaced Karin. It was devastating enough that Karin was unable to fully participate in the promotion of the group’s second single but even more devastating that she was being replaced! Throughout the music video there seemed to be a greater focus on Ayumi in the dance shot than Karin in her solo shots. There was also a period in the video where Ayumi stood with the group in place of Karin. This greatly disappointed me. There should have been a lesser focus on Ayumi as she is not a member of the group.


Although the video slightly disappointed me I still really love the song. Juice=Juice is doing really well for Hello Project’s new group and they continue to show their determination for success and improvement. The single was released on December 4th so I encourage everyone to check it out and support the girls in any way that you can. I am curious to see what concept they pursue in their third single!

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