Dongho leaves U-KISS and the Entertainment Industry


Around Mid-October, it was revealed that Dongho has departed from U-KISS and the Entertainment industry. He no longer desired to be a celebrity and wanted to live a normal life. He also faced complications with his health and did not believe he had enough strength to continue as an idol. As a result, Dongho has made the decision to leave the entertainment industry.

This has been a blow to all fans of U-KISS especially me since Dongho was my favorite member of U-KISS. Earlier in the month, Nicole of Kara also announced her departure from her group. It seems that all the biggest groups in the KPOP industry are slowly disbanding or becoming obsolete.

I will greatly miss his presence in the group. However, I understand his desire to retain his health and live a normal life so I support him in his decision and I will continue to support U-KISS. I can only hope that fans continue to do the same.

U-KISS will continue promoting as a six membered group.

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