Sohee Leaves Wonder Girls and JYPE


Earlier this year the future of Wonder Girls was put into question when the leader, Sunye, decided to go on hiatus for her wedding. When Sunye announced her pregnancy it was almost certain that she would not return to the group.

However, earlier this month Sohee and JYP Entertainment has announced that Sohee did not wish to renew her contract and wanted to continue as an actress under a new agency.

On December 21st, Sohee’s contract expired indicating that she was no longer a member of Wonder Girls or under JYPE. With both Sunye and Sohee gone the end of Wonder Girls seems to be more definite.

Earlier this year, both Dongho and Nicole have announced their departure from U-KISS and Kara respectively. It seems like all of the favorite groups in the KPOP industry are currently in jeopardy. As more rookie groups debut, the older groups slowly go into disrepair. What more can we expect in the future of KPOP?

All remaining members of Wonder Girls will continue to participate in solo activities as Sohee looks for a new agency to sign with.

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