School 2013 Review

I cannot quite remember what made me start this drama. Maybe I was drawn to the school life concept or maybe it was the controversy with Dani’s poor acting that made me interested. Whatever it was I was glad that I watched this drama. I absolutely loved it! I saw the life of a poor and trouble students through their eyes. We are always quick to criticize the misfits in society but do we really know their story? Do we know the reason why they act out?

When I initially began watching this drama it bored me. It seemed to be a typical school life drama and barely captured my interest. However, as the plot continued and I learnt more about the characters I found myself falling in love with it.

I have grown attached to Go Nam Soo. At the start, I thought he was a sweet and innocent boy that was the target of school bullies but, I soon came to realise that he was a bully in the past and one of the best fighters in the area. However, I could not remove that innocent image of him because of Lee Jong Suk’s baby face. He was my favorite character.

Other characters I have grown to love include Kang Joo, Ki Deok and Heung Soo. Each character faced their own struggle whether it may be a lack of trust and loyalty between friends; the fight to be the top student and get into university; dealing with family problems or dealing with career problems- each story was a subset of the whole plot.

Teacher Jung cared a lot for her class. She went out of her way to make sure they stayed out of trouble and was taught the right way. However, she was the character that annoyed me the most. She was naïve and was always a nuisance to the students but I knew she meant well. Teacher Kang was hilarious. His starkness and sarcasm always made me laugh but even he had his own problems throughout the show.

Oh Jung Ho was the biggest troublemaker in the class. I despised his actions but I always knew that there was something that made him act the way he did. This is why I always sympathized with him. The teachers did a lot to try to keep him in school and rectify his behaviour. They never gave up on him. His true story is only revealed in the last episode.

This drama was very real. There are people in the real world that face similar problems that these characters experienced. It is a really sad but inspiring story. This drama taught me the concept of faith, perseverance, independence and belief. I wish that teachers in the real world were not so quick to give up on troubled students. I know that there are some teachers that stand by the sides of their children and guide them through their troubles. I wished this happened in all schools. Maybe then we will see a better world and a brighter future.

I recommend this drama to everyone. It will really open your eyes to the real problems found in this world and we will see the little blessings we take for granted.

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