Jiyoung to depart from Kara in April


As stated by DSP Media, Jiyoung of Kara does not wish to renew her contract and will therefore withdraw from the group and agency upon her contract expiration in April. Jiyoung stated that she wishes to continue as a student and pursue acting in the future.

As idols begin to leave their groups, one can only wonder what the state of the industry will be like in the upcoming years. In October 2013, Kara’s Nicole also announced her departure from the group. Nicole’s contract officially expired this month and she is currently residing in America. With the departure of Jiyoung, Kara will have three remaining members. This makes me wonder what Kara will be like with just three members. Previously, DSP Media stated that they had no plans of adding any new members to the group, but with just three of the original members Kara will face a reduction of fans and revenue.

I am not a HUGE fan of the group but their music has definitely interested me and it is sad to see the group break apart like this. It hurts my heart to see this happen. However, we must accept that as we, the fans, get older so do the idols. They may want to live out different paths and try out new things. Music groups are very fragile and are not permanent.

I wish Jiyoung all the best in the future and I hope that fans will continue to support the current and past members of Kara.

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