1004 (Angel) Review



B.A.P has made a huge comeback with their album ‘First Sensibility’! Angel (1004) is the title track of this album and the video that I will briefly review.

I am a huge fan of B.A.P. I was there from their debut and I do not plan on ever forsaking these boys. From their debut they had a strong image and continued to maintain this image throughout the years with their high-level choreography, outstanding rapping and powerful vocals. The group has the right mix of talents.

The group is well known for their hip-hop concepts but with this comeback they decided to thread new waters and went after a more rock and intense sound and concept. In my opinion, Daehyun’s voice best fit the concept. His voice is naturally powerful and he hits the high notes almost effortlessly. Even though the sound was more of the rock genre than the hip hop one, Bang Yong Guk’s rapping interlude blended in well with the song. It was my favorite part of the song.

The video and song tells a story of lost love. A boy has a broken heart because his love is gone and he misses her terribly. It is a sad concept that was well portrayed in the video through the boys’ great singing and acting. Even the scenery throughout the video played a symbolic role in the concept with the desert symbolizing desolation and with flashbacks of past memories of this girl. At the end of the video the pain was too much and Himchan finally pulled the trigger.

On a side note, is it just me or must at least one B.A.P member die in each music video?

I loved everything about this video: I loved the song, the idea behind it and I also loved the choreography, especially the part at the beginning with Jongup and Zelo. B.A.P never ceases to amaze me. I believe that they are one of the best rookie groups out there and they continue to grow and get better and better.

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