30 Sexy and LA Song Review


I apologize for not posting for the past few weeks but university has again got the best of me. On the bright side, Reading Week has started so that means I have tons of time to post more frequently!

This video review is about Rain’s comeback after his two year mandatory tenure in the military. Earlier this year, Rain released a new mini album called ‘Rain Effect’ which was a big hit on the charts, among fans and especially with me. I absolutely loved it!

I was particularly excited to see the King return to the KPOP scene. The industry seemed almost empty without him. With this comeback he released two videos: ’30 Sexy’ and “LA Song’.

The first video I will briefly review is ‘30 Sexy’.

The song was an upbeat, electronic party song. It was addictive and full of Rain’s high notes and distinct falsetto that made my pores rise. The song is basically about Rain enjoying himself with a special female in a party. Rain gives himself a lot of self-praise in the song.

Although the setting was a closed-set with a lot of CGI incorporated into it I did not mind it this time around because the CGI matched the intricate and difficult dance moves that were carried out by Rain and his back up dancers. The video was mainly focused on the choreography but I expected nothing less from the King of Dance. Rain is a true performer and is definitely sexy. I was thoroughly impressed with this video and with Rain’s performance.

The second video I will review is ‘La Song’.

I absolutely LOVE this song. It is my power song to listen to every morning on my way to class. It pumps me up and gets me energized for the rest of the day.  The song has a Latino vibe with a lot of repetition with the ‘La La La La La’ phrase.

The video consisted of mainly dancing in what seemed to be in dance battle session. The choreography seemed to be mostly improvised and focused on other dancers other than Rain. The video was diverse and entertaining- it kept my interest throughout. There was even a ‘WTF’/ hilarious moment where Rain whispered into a girl’s ears causing her breasts and butt to dramatically grow. I replayed that scene so many times and laughed until I cried. The video both portrayed Rain’s talent and sense of humour.

Rain was capable of pulling off two completely different concepts flawlessly while still showing high quality singing and dancing. He is a well-rounded entertainer who can not only perform but act as well. I really respect him as an artist and I was blown away by this comeback. If you really like the songs I encourage you to support him by buying the mini album!

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