Hello Project’s Producer, Tsunku, reported to have Laryngeal Cancer



Hello Project’s producer, Tsunku, announced that he has contracted laryngeal cancer.

Laryngeal cancer is cancer within the larynx (better known as the voice box), which may result due to overuse of the voice box. Earlier this year Tsunku stated that he needed to undergo throat surgery in February or March. However, it seems that the problems related to his throat were linked to cancer.

This is quite saddening news. Cancer is a very scary and relevant disease. Tsunku may have contracted the disease from overusing his voice box due to constant singing and participating in Hello Project, Sharam Q and Up Front projects.

Tsunku stated that he will now go on hiatus in order to treat and rest his voice. Luckily, the cancer was caught in its early stages and hopefully can be treated and dealt with accordingly.

Get well soon!



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