TVXQ ‘Spellbound’ Music Video Review


As part of the promotion of their repackaged album, TVXQ released the music video for their song ‘Spellbound’.

Normally, I do not follow up on repackaged albums, but I decided to watch the music video for ‘Spellbound’ as TVXQ always wow me with their excellent choreography and amazing and addictive songs. ‘Spellbound’ was no different because I instantly fell in love with the song from the first line. The repetitive harmonized ‘surisuri’ parts at the beginning and throughout the song compelled me. Since I heard the song, that line is constantly repeated in my head throughout the day and at night when I am trying to sleep. However, the verses of the song are not that memorable.

When I first heard of the title, ‘Spellbound’ I imagined a magical theme. I was proven right as the music video had a magic concept combined with a casino concept. This concept was tied in with their intricate choreography with the use of cards and casino tables.

As usual, I was blown away by the difficult choreography they seem to portray quite easily. I should not expect any less from an SM Entertainment group. In my opinion, SM Entertainment artists and groups have some of the best choreography and dancers. For example, BoA is a well-known veteran KPOP artist and a great dancer; EXO always perform complicated dance moves; Girls Generation are prime female dancers; SHINee are known for their expressive dances and great synchronization and TVXQ always make challenging dances look like a piece of cake. On the other hand, what I noticed for this music video, TVXQ relied heavily on their back up dancers. They interacted with them throughout the video and there was even a great focus placed on one dancer who at the end of the video, winked at the camera and showed a card much like the one in the picture above. This sparked my interest. Is this dancer an upcoming SM artist or was the focus placed on her just pure coincidence?

Since the video consisted mostly of dancing and not much of a story line I don’t have much to say about it. I really loved the chorus of the song. It was groovy and smooth. This is not my favorite song from TVXQ but I really enjoyed the song and the video.

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