Morning Musume ‘14 Golden Audition!

Golden Audition


The audition process has started once again for Morning Musume!

Tsunku has restarted the auditions for the 12th Generation of Morning Musume ’14. He made the announcement early last month during Morning Musume ‘14’s spring tour.

Everyone was taken by surprise when Tsunku’s version of ‘What is Love’ started playing during the concert. When sub-leader, Iikubo Haruna read Tsunku’s message announcing the Golden Auditions, the audience and members screamed out in shock and excitement.

The application process is currently under way and will close on May 11, 2014. Applicants must be female and must be between the ages of 10 to 17 years. However, the applicants can be of any nationality. This new requirement shocked me. With Morning Musume being a Japanese girl group I expected that they only accepted Japanese applicants. Tsunku stated that this was his way to branch out into international waters and carry Japanese music throughout the world.

Applicants that do not succeed in the auditions have the option to join the Hello Pro Kenshuusei for free training. They will be candidates for future auditions and groups in Hello Project.

As I always reiterate, I love the audition process, especially with these new requirements. I am interested in see what types of girls will audition and join the group. I am interested in the new skills they will bring to the group. Although I do not think that Morning Musume needs new members at the moment, I am still curious to see how the audition goes.



I hope that Cuca applies to these auditions. I really want her to be part of the organization and group that she loves so much. I will be rooting for her. I will also be rooting for Tanabe Nanami, Sasaki Risako and Danbara Ruru. They have shown their potential as Kenshuusei. I believe they will be perfect additions to the group.

Winners of the auditions will engage in strict training for the rest of the year and will join the group at the beginning of next year. I will keep a close eye on the audition process and provide updates when I can!

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