My Bias List (April, 2014)


  1.  CNU [B1A4]



He is adorable, but yet manly. He is a cute contradiction. I remember when B1A4 debuted with the music video; ‘OK’ and I saw CNU for the first time. I instantly fell in love. He was tall, had a cute face, an amazing voice and he was a great dancer. He has this nerdy look about him, but he is still very handsome. I would love to see him live and meet him in person one day. I may just faint from excitement and happiness!

2. Niel [Teen Top]



When I saw Niel for the first time I was captivated by his voice before his looks. He looked unique and beautiful. I slowly began liking him more and more and he eventually made it to the top of my list. Last week, I saw Teen Top perform live for the first time. My jaws dropped to the ground. Each member looked more beautiful in real life, especially Niel. He looked like an angel and he shone on stage. He had a powerful presence. Even though it was a live performance his voice never wavered. It sounded just as good as the studio version! I was very impressed. I freaked out during the hi-touch session. I was excited that I got the opportunity to touch Niel, even if it was for a few seconds. His hands were very soft! He even gave me a smile and thanked me for attending the concert. Right at that moment, I died happy.

3. T.O.P [Big Bang]



From the first time I saw him I fell in love with T.O.P’s deep voice and childish ways. He is also an amazing performer and looks freakishly good. He makes anything looks good! I can’t wait for Big Bang’s comeback this summer! I need more T.O.P and Big Bang in my life!

4. Jay Park



It’s undeniable that Jay Park is sexy. He is also a talented dancer and singer. I did not know him during his 2PM days, but I am glad that he is doing his own thing now. I prefer him as a soloist who can express himself through his own music. I love listening to his music and I love how real he is.

5. Taemin [SHINee]



I confess that Taemin has moved down my bias list since its creation, but that is because my interest in SHINee has decreased while my interests in other groups increased. However, he is still one of my favorites. What I admire about Taemin the most is his growth and improvement. Yes, he was always a brilliant dancer, but his vocal talent has improved remarkably. Whenever you have the time I recommend that you listen to their earlier songs and compare them to their recent ones. You can hear the marked improvement in Taemin’s voice. This makes me feel so proud of him! He continues to work hard and achieve success.


  1. CL [2NE1]



CL is my absolute favorite female Korean star. The first time I saw her I was instantly drawn by her charisma. She is talented and displays a hypnotizing presence on stage. When she performs it is evident that she loves what she does. This is one thing I greatly admire about her. CL is also a great leader and friend to her fellow group members. She possesses the leadership skills that I wish I had. She is also insanely pretty (if you do not know what I mean see the pictures above to clarify)!

2. Ga-In [Brown Eyed Girls]


Ga-in is the definition of sex appeal. Anything she does has a sexy edge to it. Her music is not raunchy or unappealing sexy, but rather classy and riveting. I also love the fact that some of her songs focus on current real world issues, such as rape within relationships (Fxxk U) and celebrity rumors (Truth and Dare). When I saw ‘Abracadabra’ for the first time I was amazed by Ga-In. My eyes stayed on her for the rest of the video. I admire her for the honesty in her songs, sex appeal and beauty and for her talents.

3. IU



IU was one of my first favorite soloists. In my opinion, she is one of the best singers in the industry. I love her songs, my favorites from her being ‘Good Day’, ‘Cruel Fairy Tale’ and ‘The Red Shoes’. She has matured from her cute concept and the role of the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ which originally drew me to her, but I continue to develop an interest in her and her music and dramas.

4. Sooyoung [Girls Generation]



Sooyoung was not always my bias of Girls Generation, but I could not resist her wonderful smile and mean-spirited ways. She sometimes reminds me of myself! I am glad that she is getting more face time and lines within songs because I really love her voice. In my opinion, she is one of the prettiest members of the group and is also one of the group’s best dancers

5. Min [Miss A]



Min is a crazy and fun person! I admire this about her. Even though she is in a strict industry she does not stop her from letting go and letting her true personality shine. She is a ball of fun!

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