My Favorite Voices in K-POP (Part 1)

In no particular order:

1.     Bumkey (Troy)


 His voice is like heaven. I remember one of the first times I fell in love with his voice was when I heard ‘Special Girl’ by Infinite-H. To me, his voice is comparable to chocolate. I feel like I can melt every time I hear his voice. A good voice is a big turn on for me, which is why my heart semi-broke when I heard that he was getting married.


 2.     Ailee


I love Ailee not only because she is bilingual, but because she has a powerful and distinctive voice. She also seems like a really fun, humble and determined person. I haven’t been following Ailee during her pre-debut days, but when she burst onto the K-POP scene I paid very close attention to her. I love her music. It seems real and compliments her powerful voice really well and wow, she can sing well during live performances! Since she was born and raised in America she still has that American accent lingering in her tone, but it makes a good combination while she sings the Korean words.


3.     Nana (After School/Orange Caramel)


Nana has an absolutely adorable voice that seems like it can fit a person with a cute concept. Her voice can also sound very childish or child-like.  However, she proves to be just the opposite as she is really a sexy and slender beauty. This contrast still startles me up to this day, but I do admit I have a soft-spot for people with high-pitched voices at times.

4.     Hong Ki (FT ISLAND)

hong ki


Hong Ki was one of the first voices I fell in love with when I started listening to KPOP a few years back. I couldn’t believe that this voice came from him! His voice is so fluid and can be picked out from a chorus of many other voices. He is the reason why I love FT ISLAND’s music. I cannot really explain why I like his voice, I just do. I really liked his voice when I started listening to FT ISLAND, but my attraction increased with the song ‘Like the Birds’ which is still my favorite song from the group to date.

5.     Ali


It took me a while to find out about Ali. I just happened to stumble across her when I was browsing through some K-POP related articles. The first song I heard from Ali was collaboration with Junhyung called ‘Don’t Act Foolish’, but the song I really love from her is ‘Selfish’. She also has a distinctive voice that sounds deep and sort of nasal and as this list continues you can see I really like voices similar to Ali’s. She can also sing really well live.

6. Andamiro

Andamiro 1

It doesn’t seem like Andamiro is that popular in the KPOP scene either, but she has not released many songs. Her voice is quite similar to Ali’s and is distinctive alike. She has a raspy and rough voice which I really like. Songs I really like from her are the only two I know from her which were ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Waiting’. I especially recommend that you watch ‘Waiting. It was a beautiful video and song in my opinion. She also sings in English!

7.     Lim Kim

김예림 (Lim Kim) - All Right MV 069


Lim Kim is another soloist with a really distinguishing voice. She has the highly nasal and raspy voice that I like and her songs are so catchy! She is one of my favorite soloists in the KPOP industry at present. A great voice and awesome songs are a great combination for me!  Her voice is so unique it sounds like its own genre. She also sounds excellent while singing in English!

8.     Yong Guk (B.A.P)


Who doesn’t know Yong Guk’s expectionally deep voice? Although I confessed that I liked higher pitched voices, I also really love the deeper ones as well! Yong Guk has one of the deepest voices out of my biases. It continues to amaze me! I can also melt in the deepness of his voice! I also love his amazing rapping skills, composing and lyricist talents!

9.     P.O (Block B)



Another idol who is known for his deep voice is P.O. If T.O.P, P.O and Yong Guk make a song together I would die of happiness. Not only is his voice deep, but it also has this rough edge to it that makes him seem even more masculine. Sometimes I forget that he is the maknae of the group! I made this list before the release of ‘Jackpot’ by Block B and I just planned to comment on how much I love his deep vocals and sometimes zany behavior, but with the release of Jackpot I have also come to love P.O and his singing voice even more! I was mesmerized by Zico and P.O throughout that whole video! He should sing more often!

10.     T.O.P (Big Bang)

TOP (1)


T.O.P was (and still is!) one of my first favorite people in the industry. Although he is the oldest member in the group he has such an inviting and childish behavior that almost everyone loves. He is also known for his very low voice and rapping skills. I have come to love that distinctive low voice and look forward to hearing it in every Big Bang song. He may not be the best singer in Big Bang, but his voice is perfect for rapping!

11.     Daesung (Big Bang)



Personality-wise, Daesung is one of the most adorable idols. He is humble, kind and has a cute smile and laugh that I absolutely love, but his powerful and booming voice completely contrasts that! The first time I heard him sing I was surprised that a voice like that came out of him! His singing gives me Goosebumps! Daesung is the powerhouse of Big Bang!

12.     Taeyang (Big Bang)



While Daesung is the powerhouse, Taeyang has lighter and smoother vocals that contrast Daesung’s own, but it is just as good! Taeyang’s voice is almost perfect for R&B songs. Because of that reason I would really love to see a collaboration between Taeyang and Jay Park. It would be a dream come true!

13.     Daehyun (B.A.P)


Daehyun is well known for being capable for hitting those high notes effortlessly in the studio and during live performances. I have seen too many jokes on Tumblr about this.  He can sing in falsetto flawlessly! He has a God-given voice and he really knows how to use it! His voice is prominent and powerful. I fell in love with his voice upon B.A.P’s debut!

14.     CNU (B1A4)


If you have been reading my blog long enough or read through my bias list you can see that CNU is my number one male bias in the K-POP industry. I often swoon over him and his voice. Although I mostly like him for his physical appearance, cool and manly demeanor, I also really love his voice. I mean it’s not as distinctive and unique as some of the other choices on this list, but it still really appeals to me, or it may be the fact that I am just obsessed with him (LOL).

15.     Niel (Teen Top)


Niel is an angel in disguise. He is beautiful physically and vocally. He is also pretty high up on my bias list. Teen Top was the first K-POP group I saw live. Normally, the live and studio versions of songs greatly differ, but Niel sang flawlessly during that concert. It was like I was actually hearing the studio version of the song! I was greatly impressed, not only with Niel, but with all the members! They are true vocalists. That night I fell deeper in love with Niel’s angelic voice!

16. Minzy (2NE1)


I didn’t realize the potential of Minzy’s voice when 2NE1’s first debuted, but she has vastly improved vocally since then. In my opinion, her improvement is mostly evident in their latest album, ‘Crush’. I was surprised to hear how great Minzy sounded! Her voice is not as distinct and dynamic as Park Bom’s, but it is still pretty great and mesmerizing. I am really proud of Minzy and I only hope to see more improvement from her.

17. Park Bom



Just as Daesung is Big Bang’s powerhouse, Bom is the powerhouse of 2NE1. I still can’t comprehend how such a loud and powerful voice can come from such a small body. Her voice is definitely one of the top ten favorites for me. There are some artists that sound better singing lower notes or higher notes, but Park Bom has such great range with her voice, she sounds good singing low or high. I really admire her vocal talent.

18.     Taeyeon (Girls Generation)


When I first started getting into K-POP and SNSD and I did not know names as yet, Taeyeon was known to me as the girl who could sing really high notes. Not only does she sing them well, but she can sing them for prolonged periods of time. To me, I believe that a lot of skill and talent is needed to do this. She can sing and she can sing well. Her voice is rich and soothing to the ears. She may not be my favorite member of SNSD, but she can definitely sing!

19.     Tiffany (Girls Generation)


I did not always like Tiffany or her singing, but I confess that Tiffany and her voice have grown on me. In my opinion, she isn’t one of the best singers in KPOP, but there is something I really like about her voice. It isn’t too extravagant, it is somewhat (not fully), it can be melodic, but what is most important is that it sounds natural. It matches her real and sparkling personality and that is why it made it on my list of favorite voices.

20.     Sooyoung (Girls Generation)

Sooyoung_1stlook (5)

Again, Sooyoung doesn’t have one of the perfect voices in KPOP, but her voice gives me a really light and airy feel. It is appealing and inviting just like her personality. Her voice gives a pleasant and natural feeling much like Tiffany’s.

21.     G-Dragon (Big Bang)



Who isn’t able to recognize G-Dragon’s coarse and unique voice upon seconds of hearing it? Every time I hear his voice I get excited because I know an awesome hip-hop or powerful track is coming next. The reason I love his voice is that it is full of charisma that is almost perfect for hip-hop or rap tracks.

22. Zico (Block B)


Another voice full of charisma is Zico’s own. I love to hear him rap! I can’t completely describe his voice, but it strays from the typical really deep voices that you often hear with rappers. It has its own unique edge to it that makes Zico’s voice his own and instantaneously recognizable.


23.CL (2NE1)


CL also is full of charisma and portrays that through her voice as well. I love the fact that although she can rap very well she is also a pretty decent singer, but I love her when she mostly raps. All that attitude and charisma spews at you when she opens her mouth and performs live. I need to see CL live someday. I really hope I do.

24.Haeri (Davichi)

Haeri 10


I remember the first song I heard from Davichi was ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’. I instantly fell in love with Haeri’s voice. I was amazed by her high notes and large range. Just like Bom, she sounds good at any pitch and  harmonized with Minkyung, it sounds almost flawless.

25.Jimin (15&)


For her young age, this girl could really sing. Her voice blew me away during the KPOP Star show and I am still impressed everything I listen to a 15& song. I believe that JYP made the right decision pairing off Jimin and Yerin. They are both amazing singers that make my pores raise and they sound so well together.





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