Teen Top Concert in Toronto

Teen Top


On March 30th, I had the opportunity to see Teen Top live during their ‘High Kick World Tour’. This was my first K-POP concert and it was one of the best experiences in my life!

When I first heard that Teen Top was coming to Toronto I was beyond ecstatic. I did not hesitate to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, being an international university student, I did not have enough money to spare to purchase a ‘Super Angel VIP’ (VVIP) ticket, so I bought an ‘Angel VIP’ (regular VIP) ticket that came with a hi-touch event.

The concert took place in the Guvernment Entertainment Complex in Toronto. Originally, the concert was to take place in the Sony Entertainment Complex, however, due to low funding, the concert venue moved.

This concert was promoted by the crowd-funding organization, Krowdpop. The concept behind ‘crowdfunding’ and Krowdpop is that fans request a certain K-POP artist or group to come to their city. When this artist has agreed to this request and a venue has been chosen a set goal is established where fans must donate or buy tickets to fund the concert. Unfortunately, due to the time of the campaign and the date for the concert, Toronto did not reach the goal in time. However, we showed great commitment and dedication and was just 9% shy of the original goal. INK Entertainment saw this dedication and donated the remaining funds needed and provided the new venue, the Guvernment, for the concert. I would like to thank INK Entertainment for their contribution and allowing this concert to happen.

Below is a picture of the different sections at the venue.


The Super Angel VIP section was the closest to the stage and had fan-signing and hi-touch privileges. The Angel VIP section was behind the Super Angel VIP section. This was the section that I was in. Unfortunately, we did not have fan-signing privileges, but we did have the hi-touch event. The GA section was the furthest from the stage and did not have any fan-signing or hi-touch privileges.

On Sunday March 30th, at 6:30am, I had already left home with my friends and we were purchasing bus tickets to Toronto. The bus left at 7:50am and after a two hour trip we arrived in Toronto after 9:00am. We then took another bus to the Guvernment Entertainment Complex. There we were greeted by a long line of excited Angels.

Unfortunately, my friends and I misunderstood the concert guidelines as we thought at 9:00am we were to pick up our tickets and then return to the venue at the time for entrance for our section. This was not the case as we stood outside from 10:00am until 6:00pm. It was quite an experience. The venue was right opposite a lake, so every few minutes the wind would lash our faces and bare skin. I did not expect to be outside for any period of time so I was not appropriately dressed and I shivered with every passing breeze. My friends and I also skipped breakfast in order to catch the bus on time. Luckily, there was somewhere close by where we bought food and sought warmth.

While waiting outside, a big bus pulled up to the building. Thinking it was Teen Top many fans screamed loudly, pulled out their cameras and phones and pushed each other aside to see the bus. When the doors to the bus opened it was not Teen Top that came out, but staff members bringing equipment to the venue. This happened twice. It was honestly hilarious to watch.

After hours of waiting, we were finally allowed to enter the venue at 6:00pm. I was grateful to be finally out of the cold weather and inside a warm building. My friends and I pre-ordered light sticks a week in advanced, however, when we went to collect our light sticks we were told that they had run out, despite the fact that we pre-ordered them well before the day of the concert. This disappointed me greatly and put a sour notch in my concert experience. Although I am grateful for Krowdpop’s and KPOP United’s effort to provide us with such a concert, I really wished that it was a bit more organized. I was just one of the many people who were unable to retrieve their pre-ordered merchandise.


As we entered the hall in our various sections, excitement buzzed throughout the crowd. I watched as the stage manager and crew prepared the stage effects, sound and lighting. This only made me even more excited. Phones and cameras (despite the no camera policy) were already in the air patiently waiting for the boys to appear on stage. This slightly annoyed me because the view of the shorter fans, such as myself, were blocked. While waiting the crowd sang along to Teen Top songs and practiced the fan chants. My voice was almost gone by the time the concert started!

Minutes after 7:00pm, screams emanated from the crowd. I turned just in time to see the members of Teen Top walking down the stairs and towards the stage. My heart began to palpitate and I soon found myself screaming along with them. I couldn’t believe that I was going to experience one of my favorite groups live. Immediately they began with ‘Rocking’. It was an energetic start. We sang along, screamed and yelled out the fan chants we all practiced together prior to the concert. The boys looked much taller than I expected. They all look pretty handsome and better than the pictures I have seen of them. Niel especially looked beautiful. He was an angel on Earth. I am pretty sure I yelled out Niel’s name over twenty times throughout that concert. I was in amazement.

The concert lasted roughly about two hours. Although the boys seemed really tired at the beginning of the concert, the intensity increased and both the group and the crowd were full of energy. It was an amazing experience to hear them sing live. They sang beautifully. The songs sounded just as good as the studio tracks! They performed some of their best and familiar hits like ‘Supa Luv’, ‘Clap’, ‘Miss Right’ and ‘To You’ and some songs that I haven’t heard in a while like ‘Walk By’, ‘No More Perfume on You’ and “Love Fool’. They also performed some songs I heard for the first time, such as songs written by C.A.P and L.Joe. Throughout that whole concert I was screaming and singing along and sometimes waving my hands in hope that one of the members (preferably Niel) caught sight of me.

They ended the concert with the song ‘Crazy’. I was slightly heart-broken that the concert ended, but I was overly excited for the hi-touch event that was to take place right after the concert. My friends and I was one of the first people to enter the line for the hi-touch event. I was ecstatic that I had the opportunity to touch the idols that I admired for so long. We were guided up some stairs where we had a few seconds to high five the members. Those few seconds flew by, but I will cherish and remember them forever. I was scared and excited to high-five the members, but they were so kind and encouraging. I looked at their faces up close as I high-fived them and I was almost blinded by their beauty. How can six boys be so beautiful? They smiled at me and thanked me for coming to the show. I was too excited to speak as I slightly bowed my head and smiled at all of them. When I high-fived Niel, I believed that my heart stopped for those few seconds. He had an angelic smile and he graciously smiled and thanked me as I high-fived him. I was in heaven for those few seconds. His hands were super soft! Many angels who attended that event can agree with me!

Unfortunately, immediately after the hi-touch session, my friends and I had to catch the last bus home, but I can assure you I was still in ‘La La Land’ cooing about Niel’s soft touch and how great the concert was. Although there were a few bumps in the road with concerns of the organization of the concert, the performance by the group was well done and I had no regrets. It was worth it.

 I loved Teen Top since they debuted a few years ago. I have blogged about them so many times, seen their videos and listened to their music. I felt like it was an honor just seeing them perform live and touch them for a few seconds. Attending a K-POP concert is one thing I can happily cross off my bucket list, but after having an experience such as this, I am determined to attend even more KPOP concerts.

I know that there are many people like me who have never got to see their favorite groups perform live and are itching for the experience. With Krowdpop, you can request an artist or group to perform in your city, worldwide! I suggest you make use of this opportunity. Tell a friend! Post it in a forum! Do whatever you have to do because this is an opportunity in life a K-POP fan would not want to miss out!


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