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Name: Michishige Sayumi

Birth Date: July 13, 1989

Origin: Yamaguchi, Japan

Group: Morning Musume ‘14

Sayumi joined Morning Musume in 2003 as a 6th generation member alongside Fujimoto Miki, Tanaka Reina and Kamei Eri. She is currently the longest serving member of the group and the group’s leader. She is set to graduate from the group at the end of their fall tour.

Author’s Comments: Sayumi is one of my favorite members of the group since the platinum era. She may not the best singer or dancer, but she is full of spunk and charisma, which is really admirable. She is one of my favorite leaders for the group and it is really sad to see her go. I will miss her dearly, but at the same time I will be anticipating a new era of Morning Musume. All the best to Sayumi in the future!

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