The Rookie Watch (Part 1)

Can you believe it? We are already in the fifth month of the year! It only seemed like it was yesterday we were bringing in the New Year and I am still in disbelief that 2012 was two years ago!

As usual, each year in the K-POP industry there is an abundance of debuting idols and groups. Some of these debuts are well-known and some almost go unheard of.  With the onslaught of rookie debuts this year so far, there were a few that caught my attention. I have listed these rookie idols below and I plan to keep a watchful eye throughout the rest of the year to see if I am really a fan of these idols!




This group debuted from JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. Therefore, it is expected for them to have a large fan-base (I GOT7) from the moment they debut (or even before). However, what really got me interested in the group was not the fact that they were debuting from JYPE, but rather the members of JJ Project were to be part of this group. I have been waiting for a JJ Project comeback for so long and I was quite shocked to hear that they would be debuting in this new group along with five other boys. JYPE also boasted that this group would frequently include martial arts style dancing in their choreography. This also caught my interest. When I watched their debut music video for ‘Girls x3′ I was not fully impressed. I expected much more from the song and music video, but with time the song grew with me. On the other hand, their songs ‘Like Oh’ and ‘I Like You’ are what made me a fan of the group. Their musical style has capture my interest and I look forward to see how they use this musical style in the future.



The member that really captured my interest is Bam Bam. I just could not resist his cuteness.




I was blown away when I heard Kiss&Cry’s debut single, ‘Domino Game’. I could not believe that this was a rookie group! Their vocals were much more rich and powerful than many well-known idols in the industry and their live performances were top-notch. I did some more research I realized that these girls had past experience in the entertainment industry, much like the members of SPICA. I really loved their debut song and I am mesmerized by their voices, so I will indeed keep a watchful eye on this group throughout the year.

Lip Service


Their debut song ‘Yum Yum Yum’ was the most annoying song of the year so far in my books, but this is what got me interested. It was so annoying it was such in my head for weeks! Although the chorus was very annoying and strange they rapped very well throughout the chorus. Hopefully, they release less annoying songs in the future.




I immediately fell in love with their song ‘Hair Short’. I had the song on repeat for the past few weeks. I do not quite understand why I love the song this much; I think it just really captured my interest. Their voices contrast really well allowing them to make really good harmonies. Because of their powerful vocals and really great song I have added them to my favorite duo list along with 15&, Akdong Musician, Jevice and Davichi.




I have been in love with Bumkey’s voice for a while so I was ecstatic when I heard that he will be debuting in a group. I got shivers when I heard ‘Green Light’ by Troy. Bumkey’s smooth vocals combined with the charismatic rapping of the other members left me mesmerized. If they continue to release songs like that I will definitely be a big fan in the future!



As I previously mentioned, I have been a fan of Bumkey prior to the debut of Troy, so it is only natural that he is my favorite member of the group. However, I also have my eye on Kanto. He seems interesting to me.




Let’s be honest here, most of us were only interested in this group because Jackie Chan is producing them. That is the only reason why I am still interested in them. Their debut music video did not blow me away and their song is a bit boring in my opinion. They did not appeal to me in anyway, but I heard that they gained a lot of popularity in China. Hopefully with their comeback single they will maintain my interest.


Akdong Musician


I loved this sibling duo since their KPOP Star Season two days and I am finally glad to see them make their debut. They are a really talented duo and I had high expectations for their debut. I was not disappointed as I loved almost every song on their album. Many fans also seemed to agree with me has they held on to the number one spots on numerous music shows for several weeks which is quite impressive for a rookie group. Congrats to AKMU and I am looking forward to see what you bring to the table for future releases!



Even before I listened to their song I fell for this group. I watched the ‘I’M’ Loen interview with HIGH4 featuring IU as their interviewer and I loved their natural and down-to-earth personalities. It was just a bonus that I loved their song as well!

Lee Michelle



She is such a beautiful girl with alluring vocals and determination. She has been through a lot and has pushed through to be where she is today. I really admire her strength, honesty and determination. I am already a fan of hers and I will continue to be.



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  1. Whoa I didn’t even realize but holy banana there have been lots of noteworthy debuts this year…
    I am definitely looking forward to more releases by Troy (as you said… Bumkey:)
    , Akmu is a given, oh and I want a more up beat song from Michelle next time! Something like Ailee’s I Will Show You?
    I so want Lip Service to continue to drop such borderline annoying to catchy songs though- I am totally digging Yum Yum Yum:D

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