AKB48 Members and Staff Injured by a Rogue Fan

Rina & Anna


Yesterday, AKB48 members, Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna, along with a staff member have been injured at a handshake event in Iwate. A rogue man around 24 years old wielded a saw and intercepted the event. The man slashed both girls and the staff member.

Both girls received fractured fingers and cuts on their arms and hands. Anna also received a cut on her head. Luckily, none of the injuries was life-threatening. They have already undergone surgery to repair the damage.

The suspect has been charged and was arrested for attempted murder.

When I heard this news I was utterly amazed and petrified. I never heard of an incident such as this in my entire life. I have heard news of stalkers, thieves and even anti-fans, but I never heard of a slasher entering an event and attempting to kill several idols. It is a worrying issue.

How was this man allowed to enter the event?

It was also reported that possession checks did not take place. This was a foolish and irresponsible act on the staff’s part. You host an event with one of Japan’s biggest girl groups with no proper security procedures taking place? This is putting not only the idols in danger, but also compromises the safety of the staff and other fans. Security procedures are made and established to avoid crazy occurrences like this. I am very disappointed that this happened and it could have been avoided.

I do hope that the girls and the staff members recover very quickly and measures are put into place to avoid a repeat of this incident.

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