Coffee Prince Final Review

After three years, I have finally finished this drama. It was a long and arduous road, but I have finally completed it. This is the longest I have ever taken to finish a drama, but I am glad that I stuck through it.

The plot was very clichéd and although there were some romantic and interesting parts and characters, it was not enough to allure me. It was too predictable and wearisome to watch.

Common themes found in this drama that contributed to its predictability included:

Intertwining romantic relationships

Almost all the characters were involved in some sort of romantic relationship that all had an effect on each other. This is known as a love triangle, or in this drama’s case, a love web. Eun Chan and Han Gyul were in love, but at some point in the drama Eun Chan and Han Sung shared affection for each other. Han Sung and Yoo Joo were in a roller coaster of a relationship for years, constantly breaking up, fighting and making up. This relationship annoyed me greatly and deterred me from wanting to watch the show. Even some of the minor characters such as Eun Chan’s mother and sister faced their own bumps in the road of love. With so much love in the air and with so many intertwining relationships, there is bound to be some trouble, but the situations that arose were all too predictable for me.

Gender Bending

From the first episode Eun Chan was mistaken to be a male by Han Gyul and many other characters because of her short hair, aggressive nature and boyish looks. Eun Chan then pretended to be male so she could be hired by Han Gyul. How many dramas out there have the theme of switched genders or gender bending where a girl disguises herself like a male or vice versa? There’s ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘Hana Kimi’, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and so many more. This is one theme that I am tired of seeing in dramas. It contributes to the overall obviousness of the show. There is the period of deception where the disguised character, in this case Eun Chan, fools everyone by allowing them to think that she is actually male. Then, there is the period of realisation and confrontation where a character finds out that they are being lied to, gets angry and confronts the main character. This obviously happened between Eun Chan and Han Gyul. Finally, there is that period of reconciliation and romance when all is forgotten about the lies and deception and the characters fall in love. This is exactly what happens in Coffee Prince.


This theme has not been as common as the themes mentioned above in the dramas that I have watched, but it still happens quite a lot. This is where one character has to leave or migrate to go somewhere far away from their love interest. In this drama, initially Han Gyul was set to leave for America, but nearing the end of the drama it was Eun Chan that leaves for two years in order to study in Italy. However, she returns in the last episode as a surprise to Han Gyul and they revel in their love once more. How cute and predictable. I have seen this theme in dramas such as ‘Flower Boy Next Door’, ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘You Who Came from the Stars’ and ‘Hana Kimi’.

The Evil Parent

Normally, the evil parent may be a rich father who is the CEO to some large company or a rich or overprotective mother. However, it was Han Gyul’s grandmother who was the antagonist for some time during the show. It took her a while to approve of Eun Chan, but it was understandable because she wanted what was best for her grandson. She even went out of her way to set up a business for him! Way to go grandma!

The Missing Parent

This is not only a common issue in dramas, but also in American shows as well. A mother or father might be missing from a character’s life due to abandonment, death or by some other drastic cause. In this case, both of Hang Gyul’s parents have been missing as he realizes that he is actually adopted. Throughout the drama, he constantly wonders about his biological mother as he holds a picture of her close to his heart. This is a very common issue in dramas, but it also a very real one. Many people worldwide face this problem, so I can understand why many dramas and shows include this topic.

This drama was released in 2007, a time where these matters were probably not so common. This is why it was probably such a big hit back in the day. However, I started this drama in 2011, where the drama industry already seemed to be saturated with predictability and unoriginality. So, I just did not find this drama completely entertaining. Yes, I previously mentioned in a past review that I found Eun Chan and Han Gyul to be the cutest and realest couple I have seen in a drama, but that is the only saving grace for me. This is the only thing that really stood out to me.

Why did I struggle to finish this drama when it did not interest me?

Even I cannot answer that question. I was just determined and hated the fact that I started something and did not finish it. What I know for sure is that I will not punish like this again.


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