Emergency Couple



If it was one drama that really affected my feels, it was definitely ‘Emergency Couple’. The drama started off a bit slow, but immediately picked up speed with constant events in the ER and between the characters. I loved this drama and I am sad that I finished it!



This is my first time watching a medical drama. I have watched many other genres such as historical, gender-bent, flower boy and supernatural genres, but I have never seen a medical drama. I was a bit wary about watching it because medical shows do not really interest me. I do not usually understand the jargon most of the time and cringe any time a see a serious injury, blood or a surgical knife cutting open a body. Let’s just say I used to watch House with my eyes closed most of the time. I did cringe and look away for some parts of the show, but most of it was bearable. There was some jargon that was hard to comprehend for me, but there were excerpts at the bottom of the screen that explained complicated terms.

Other than the fact that it was my first time watching a medical drama, it was my first time watching a drama where the plot was centered on a divorced couple. Divorce is a very relevant issue in the current world and I was interested to see it being portrayed in a drama. I am used to the typical ‘boy meets girl’ and ‘boy falls in love with girl’ or ‘love-hate relationships’ scenarios, so this was different for me. Although I pretty much knew that they would fall in love once again at the end of the drama, it was exciting to see how the story unfolded as these characters who once hated each other fell head over heels for each other once more.

poor thing

What also really surprised me are the relationships throughout the show. Yes, there was the typical love triangle or square commonly found in drama plots, but I found myself torn between these relationships. Normally, I would have a fixed stance on how I wish the relationships would turn out whether the main guy gets the girl or by some magical (and unlikely) instance the friend-zoned guy would actually get the lead girl. This time I was torn in my position. As much as I wanted Jin Hee and Chang Min to reconcile, I also adored the relationship the Chief and Jin Hee shared. However, another part of me wanted the Chief and Jin-Hye to get back together. This left me as an emotional mess throughout the drama. My poor laptop screen got screamed at so many times.

Of course there were the side characters that contributed to the overall love web. Areum showed interest in Chang Min, while Yong-Kyu had a huge crush on Areum. For period of time throughout the series I thought that a little bit of romance would have bloomed between Areum and Chang Min, but in the end Chang Min stayed true to Jin-Hee (somewhat) and Areum begins to develop feelings for Yong-Kyu.

While watching the show I realized that there was a good bit on emphasis placed on side stories. We saw the experiences of Jin-Ae, her husband and her child, the newlyweds, Park Sang-Hyuk and Lee Young-Ae, Chang Min’s parents and the many ER patients that came into the hospital and affected the lives of all the characters. Just watching the ER cases compelled me to the show. I learnt of many new diseases, procedures and realized that the littlest things could kill you (laughs). Each issue was indirectly related to each other, but they each served a great purpose to the overall plot.

Each episode had me on my toes. Whether it was the drama between Jin-Hee and Chang Min or the cases within the ER, I can assure you that my emotions spewed and exclamations were made every episode. I do not like to give spoilers for dramas, especially since this one is still rather new and many of my friends are still watching it. If you are a fan of excitement and commotion this is a drama for you. I highly recommend it and promise you that almost each episode will end with a cliffhanger.

There are the typical clichés such as the evil mother, rich family and love triangles, but I thought that the drama expressed these ideas a little differently from the usual. So when you have the time go watch the drama and prepare to revel in your emotions!

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