You Who Came From the Stars



I started watching the drama, ’You Who Came from the Stars, quite a while ago, but due to school and examinations I had to put the drama and many other of my extra-curricular activities and hobbies on hold. I recently re-started the drama and I am currently on episode eighteen.

The beginning of the drama was an absolute bore and was confusing to me.

Why was this girl running away?

How did she become a widow?

Where did this random alien man come from?

These were the questions I asked when I started the drama.

Do Min Joon


Honestly, I only started watching the drama because I heard that Kim Soo Hyun was staring in it. I did not have any knowledge about the plot or about any of the other actors. I just wanted to see how Soo Hyun would have portrayed his role.

Because I had no knowledge of the plot or background, the first few episodes were quite confusing and tedious.

Song Yi


Also the lead character, Song Yi, annoyed the living daylights out of me. Her brash and narcissistic nature was unlikeable traits to me and only made me dislike the drama even more.

However, I am always determined to finish a drama, no matter how boring or how long it takes. ‘Coffee Prince’ is the perfect example for this.

As I watched more and more episodes I gained better insight of the plot. I related to the characters. Although Song Yi still annoys me, I can now understand why she behaves the way she does now that I have seen different sides to her. I can also sympathize with Do Min Joon and even Hee Kyung. The drama is now more bearable and compelling. I find myself trying to watch as many episodes as I can in one night!

I would not give much away for all those who are still watching the drama. However, I will say that I really recommend that you watch this drama if you have not started it as yet. I confess that it is not one of my favorites, but it is definitely a good show.

Jae Kyung


P.S. Is it weird that I really like the antagonist of the drama, Jae Kyung?

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