Good Night Kiss by Hyosung

전효성(JUNHYOSEONG) - Good-night Kiss M_V 53


I was really excited for Hyosung’s solo debut. I really love the clarity and distinctiveness of her voice. She has the best voice in Secret.

When I began watching the music video I was caught by surprise. I knew that she was going for a hip hop concept, but I did not expect to hear an instrumental like that. It did not have the generic hip hop beat I was used to hearing in the KPOP industry. It was more of a hip hop and dance-pop mix, so that was a big bonus for me.

The video had a wedding scene and random scenes of Hyosung touching her body and objects. Maybe this had great symbolism, but I was never one to get symbolism and hidden meaning, which is why I suck at writing reviews. What I basically got from the video is that Hyosung is attending a wedding and is practically flirting with the groom, who just got married. We would not question the ethics of her actions.

When I look at music videos I hope to enjoy the music and be captivated by whatever is shown on the screen. This may be the choreography, interesting sets, effects and sometimes understandable drama scenes. The reason I say ‘understandable drama scenes’ is because I am referring to storylines with content, for example T-ara’s ‘Cry Cry’, ‘Roly Poly’ or even Fly to the Sky’s ‘You You You’, not the random scenes of Hyosung touching stuff. As of recently, this is the type of video that I am most drawn to. Many would disagree with me and state that the video had a great back story, but this is just my opinion.

What I also realized is that she exhibited her body throughout the whole music video, which I surprisingly did not mind. In my opinion, Hyosung has one of the best bodies in KPOP. Her curves and long legs stand out from majority of the female bodies in the industry. She uses her body to her advantage to draw interest and make the choreography extra sexy with a lot of body waves and body shots.

The music video did not WOW me, but I still really love the song. The song was a good debut for Hyosung and I would love to hear more songs from her.

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