Favorite South Korean Actors and Actresses

I have always spoken about my favorites in the KPOP music industry, but I have never spoken about my favorites in the drama and movie industry. Below are some of my favorite actors and actresses:

Ahn Jae-Hyun 

Ahn JH


  • Starred in dramas such as ‘You Who Came from the Stars’ and ‘You’re All Surrounded’.
  • Has starred in music videos such as ‘Please Don’t…” by K.Will, ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ by Sistar19 and ‘Hair Short’ by Wings.

The first time I noticed Jae-Hyun was in K.Will’s music video, ‘Please Don’t’. I have also seen him in Sistar19’s and Wings’ music video, but I never realized that it was the same person starring in ‘You Who Came from the Stars’! I was completely shocked when I found out. I do plan to keep a closer eye on him in the future.

Choi Daniel



  • Starred in dramas many dramas including, ‘School 2013’.

I have known about Choi Daniel for a while, but truly became interested in him when I watched ‘School 2013’. I was intrigued by his portrayal of his character. However, I have not watched any more dramas starring him as yet.

Choi Jin-Hyuk



  • Starred in ‘I Need Romance’, ‘The Heirs’ and ‘Emergency Couple’
  • Has also starred in a few episodes of Running Man.

This guy has completely captured my interest. He is beyond hot! His roles in ‘The Heirs’ was completely different from the one in ‘Emergency Couple’, but he was still able to pull off both characters almost flawlessly.

 Choi Yoo-Jin

Choi Yeo-Ji

  • Starred in ‘Dream High’ and ‘Emergency Couple’.

I am always dazzled by her great beauty. It was hard to watch ‘Emergency Couple’ without gushing about how pretty she is! I mostly like her because she is insanely pretty, but she is a decent actress as well. Check out my review for ‘Emergency Couple’ here!


Clara Lee

  • Starred in ‘Emergency Couple’, ‘Star King’ and ‘Saturday Night Live Korea’

Before I saw her on ‘Emergency Couple’, I heard Clara’s name everywhere. I knew she was an actress, but I have not really seen any dramas that she starred in and this was due to the scandals where she seemingly lied on variety shows and was portrayed as a sex symbol. Despite these scandals, after watching on ‘Emergency Couple’ she seemed to be a pretty decent actress.

Han Chae-young



  • Most recently acted in ‘Pretty Man’.

I recently saw her in ‘Pretty Man’. I did not really like her character, but her acting intrigued me.

Han Groo


  • Was a supporting actress in ‘Can We Get Married?’
  • Has also released several songs.

I only know about Han Groo because I came across her song, “My Boy”. Even today I still love that song. I did not know that she was an actress until I began watching ‘Can We Get Married?’ I am currently struggling to finish this drama and I have not watched many episodes so I cannot comment on her acting skills just yet. However, I really like her as a singer.

Jang Geun Suk


  • One of the top Hallyu stars and has starred in many dramas
  • Also has an active acting and singing career in Japan

Jang Geuk-Suk is one of the most well-known actors in the industry. He starred in the first drama I watched, ‘You’re Beautiful’. He was one of my first crushes in the industry. Since then, I have seen many more of his dramas such as ‘Pretty Man’, ‘Love Rain’ and I plan to watch ‘Beethoven Virus’ very soon.

Jun Ji-Hyun

jeon ji hyun

  • Recently starred in ‘You Who Came from the Stars’

I only recently became interested in Ji-Hyun because of ‘You Who Came from the Stars’. Her character Song Yi, annoys me greatly, but I confess that she is very dynamic and Ji-Hyun was capable of taking on this dynamic role.

Kang Sora


  • Starred in ‘Dream High 2’, ‘We Got Married’ and is currently starring in ‘Doctor Stranger’.

Just like, Yoo-Jin, Sora’s beauty amazes me. I really liked her character in ‘Dream High 2’ and I plan to see how she takes on the medical role in ‘Doctor Stranger’.

Kim Soo Hyun


  • Starred in ‘Dream High’, ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ and ‘‘You Who Came from the Stars’

I first saw Soo Hyun in ‘Dream High’ and I instantaneously fell in love. He is a great actor with an innocent face and a slightly awkward aura to him.  I am currently watching his drama ‘You Who Came from the Stars’ and I am really loving it.

Kim Woo Bin


  • Acted in shows such as ‘Vampire Idol’, ‘School 2013’ and ‘The Heirs’.

Woo Bin is probably one of my favorite actors at the moment. He plays the antagonistic role so well! He is also insanely good looking. I also enjoy seeing him in variety shows such as ‘Running Man’.

Lee Jong Suk


  • Appeared in ‘School 2013’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’

I did not know about Jong Suk until I watched ‘School 2013’. He seemed mysterious and guarded. His character in the drama and his interaction with Kim Woo Bin made me interested in him. I have seen more of his personality when I watched the ‘Running Man’ episodes he starred in and I still think he is pretty mysterious. Right now I am considering watching his new drama ‘Doctor Stranger’.

Lee Min Ho


  • Starred in numerous dramas such as “Faith”, “Boys over Flowers” and “The Heirs”.
  • Has also released an album called “My Everything”.
  • Featured in numerous commercials

Ah, Lee Min Ho is currently one of the biggest actors in South Korea. He has a large fan-base internationally. Lee Min Ho starred in one of the first dramas I ever watched, “Boys over Flowers”. Since then I have seen him in numerous dramas such as “The Heirs”, “Personal Taste” and “City Hunter”.

Park Shin Hye


  • Appeared in numerous dramas and movies
  • Also has appeared in numerous music videos and commercials
  • Released many singles

Park Shin Hye is another very famous actor in the industry. I have seen several of her dramas and I cannot help but to cringe every time I see her act. A lot of her characters are awkward, soft-spoken, or appear to be really stiff or forlorn. It makes me uncomfortable. This is why I was so shocked to see a completely different and more outgoing side to her on variety shows. She has a warm and welcoming personality and she can even sing and dance well!

Song Ji-Hyo


  • Recently starred in ‘Emergency Couple’
  • Regular cast member of  ‘Running Man’
  • Forms the “Monday Couple” along with fellow ‘Running Man’ cast member, Gary.

I have only seen one of Ji-Hyo’s dramas, which was ‘Emergency Couple’, but I have seen in many ‘Running Man’ episodes. I was so surprised to see a more dynamic Ji-Hyo in the drama.


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