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Name: Park Jae Sang

Birth Date: December 31, 1977

Origin: Gangnam, Seoul

PSY became a global star with his hit “Gangnam Style” and continued to break international waters with his following single, “Gentleman” and more recently, “Hangover” featuring Snoop Lion. However, prior to his success with “Gangnam Style”, PSY has been active in the entertainment industry for over ten years and has released several albums and appeared in several concerts.

Author’s Comments: I knew about PSY even before the “Gangnam Style” craze, but I was not a huge fan of him.  I liked some of his songs, but not enough to call myself a true fan. I still do really like his music, but unfortunately I believe that recently he has been too caught up and focused on the international audience and has somewhat lost the original flavor and dedication he had for his original audience. However, it is understandable as the fame and success he obtained from “Gangnam Style” has placed him in the global spotlight. It was a life-changing event that is hard to recover from, especially with the world’s eyes on you. Recently PSY has collaborated with Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) to release his new single, “Hangover”. This song seems to be more geared towards his international audience instead of his Korean and KPOP fans, but still have a look at the video below if you have not done so as yet! It has already surpassed 60 million views! PSY plans to release a new single, “Daddy” later this year.

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