2NE1 Challenge: Day 30

Day Thirty: Why Are You A Blackjack?


Prepare for a long sappy post (laughs).


No, but really, I really liked this group since their debut with “Fire”. It was around the same time when I was still discovering the K-POP genre. Their songs were different from the generic K-POP songs being made in this current day and age. They also stay true to themselves. This is what I like the most. They also take the time not only to appeal to their domestic fans, but they also take their international fans into consideration.

I love their music and I am drawn to their personalities and talents.


I love the fact that CL is very talented and is a charismatic leader. She is also a really great rapper and singer.


Park Bom has vocals that blow me away. She is also a fun and zany person who has a great love for food.


Minzy may be the maknae, but she is still very mature. She is great at sexy and erotic dancing and her singing is rich and powerful. Although we are the same age, I feel attached to Minzy as I watch her improve throughout the years.


Dara is one of the oldest in the group, but that is sometimes hard to tell because of her fun and cheerful character. She can dance and act really well and her singing has really improved with the release of their last album, “Crush”. She has come a long way and has done so much to be part of this group.

First Look 2NE1

I love their songs and I love the fact that you can see that they are normal beings just like us. They do their best to show their true selves to their fans. These are some of the reasons why I am a Blackjack.


I love 2NE1!

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