Lost Reviews

This section is called “Lost Reviews” because these are short reviews for music videos that I watched a long time ago, made notes for and never made an official review for. I felt annoyed having them there unfinished in my blog plans so I decided to upload them here.

Metronome by Jay Park

Those who know me well know that I LOVE Jay Park and the AOMG artists, so when I heard that Jay, Gray and Simon D were in a song together I nearly died of happiness. I had great expectations for this song and video. These were three great performers, producers and song writers, put three of the best together and you get an epic song! I was totally impressed!

The song was a slow R&B rap track. It was sexy and alluring. You had Jay’s smooth vocals combined with Gray’s scratchier voice, then when Simon’s deep rapping is thrown in the picture, I was in Korean hip-hop heaven. Falsetto was even thrown in here and there and I love hearing falsetto in a song like this. I have been fangirling over this song and over these three guys. It did not help my heart when Jay was showing off his smooth and sexy dance moves throughout the video as well.

When I hear great songs like this it makes me glad that Jay can release music like this. If he did not leave 2PM, he would still be tied down and would not get to show his real colors and produce his own music. Of course, it was an ugly way he had to leave JYP, but I think I prefer seeing the real Jay rather than a company manufactured idol. I am more drawn to legends and professional music makers who stay true to themselves and their music like Jay Park, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy, Tiger JK and many others and what I realized is that many of these people are in the hip hop genre.  I do not listen to American rap or hip-hop, so why am I drawn to these Korean hip-hop artists? Maybe if I listened to more English music I would like American hip-hop as well, who knows? What I do know is that these artists are true to themselves and their music. They never really put on a front or try to blend in or surpass idols. They also do not change their character to suit fans. They are who they are and they are not afraid to show it to the world. I really like real artists like these. They are honest in their music and are not afraid to show the good and bad in their personality. They sing about real issues, not only about catching oppa’s heart or crying over a break up. Other than Jay Park, I really love MFBTY, but that’s for another post.

Metronome is an awesome song and I recommend buying the song if you really love it. I pre-ordered it as soon as I saw the video!

Koi on to Amazora by AAA

After Hello Project, AAA is my favorite Japanese act. Their songs are amazing and their performances are out of this world. I would really love to go to one of their concerts one day! It is on my bucket list! This song, “Koi on to Amazora”, is one of my favorite songs from the group. I loved the beginning of the song with the piano instrumental and Takahiro’s soothing voice. I loved the contrast of the soulful melody to a faster beat and I love the fact that I am getting to hear more from Shuta and Shinjiro. Years ago, we barely heard their voices. Hidaka’s rap portion was my favorite part of the song, but that may be because he is my bias of the group.

I look forward to every AAA music video. I do not know whether it is the scenic settings, amazing members or the complex choreography that makes me so excited. This video looked like it took place in a circus. There seemed to be love brewing between Chiaki and Urata and Misako and Shinjiro for the plot of the video. The members wore unique clothing, especially Shuta who looked great excluding his short pants. There were many close up shots that showed the amazing faces of each member.

I love this song and video a lot. I must listen and sing along to this song at least once each day. AAA never disappoints me. I look forward to each single and I continue to love them for months upon months. I just wish that I can see them perform this song live someday.

Be the Light by Block B

This was part of the big comeback that every BBC was waiting for since Block B switched agencies due to their controversy with their lawsuit against Stardom Entertainment. Everyone was afraid that we would never see them make a comeback again, but our hearts were warmed again with the announcement of their comeback. I was ready to see the crazy and charismatic Block B once more, but I was caught by surprise when they came back with a completely different image.

Initially I was disappointed because of the lack of the regular charisma, but the video and song grew on me with time.  I nearly died in the beginning of the song when Zico was singing. He is an amazing rapper, but how I love to hear him sing as well.

The music video was really dramatic to match the serious ballad tone. There were fights scenes and a scene at the end of a masked male entering a van. At the time, the end confused me, but upon the release of “Very Good” I realized that both music videos were connected. However, even now I do not quite understand the plot of the video. Maybe I have to watch it a couple more times.

Block B is making a comeback next month and I am excited. They stated that this concept will be much different from the one they debuted with, so I do not expect their usual confidence and charisma. Maybe, they will release a ballad or a more laid-back themed song. Either way, I am excited for their comeback.

Jackpot by Block B

I was overly elated for this comeback. I expected Block B to blow me away with their charismatic songs and zany videos and I was not disappointed. I loved the song and video and while watching this video I realized what set Block B apart from the typical KPOP male groups. They do not adhere to the norm of sexy bodies, powerful choreography and cookie-cutter concepts and videos. They have their own unique style which the fans love them for while still showing their vocal and rap talents. I really admire Block B for breaking apart from the typical boy group norm.

Almost every part of this video was hilarious. The scenes and even the dance had me laughing. The video has a circus theme. Although the clowns at the beginning of the video scared me a bit I loved the bright and colorful outfits, Zico’s funny expressions and even the part at the end where the lead female role gave the group a bad gesture leading to the very expressive reactions of the group’s members.

The dance was simple and entertaining. My favorite points were the hip-swaying and the random kick they do during the chorus. Sometimes I find myself imitating the choreography to put some pep in my day.

As for the song, it was festive, but still incorporated Zico’s and Kyung’s charismatic rapping and the pore-raising singing from Taeil. I was also amazed by P.O’s amazing deep singing. The song is one of my favorites from them and this video is definitely in my top three favorites from this group. I cannot wait for their comeback later this month!


200% by Akdong Musician

I felt like I have been waiting forever for this brother-sister duo to debut and I was so happy when they finally did. Based on what I saw on KPOP Star, I had great expectations for this duo and I was quite satisfied upon the release of their album “Play”.  There were many great songs on it and “200%” was just one of them.

This song and video was a refreshing break from the usual KPOP songs that I have been hearing most of the time. It was a lighthearted and natural song and video and many fans seem to agree with me because Akdong Musician not only topped charts, but also gained numerous awards on music shows! They have been very successful.

The song was representative of spring. It was very catchy, repetitive and pleasing to the ears. Soohyun’s sweet, but mature vocals contrasted with Chanhyuk’s rap.

The video was also fun to watch. There was a solid storyline with a twist. Soohyun was attracted to a fellow male friend, but it seemed as if he was hanging around another girl and Soohyun turned into the third wheel. There was a lot of sibling play throughout the video as the siblings interacted and played around with each other. Chanhyuk looked so nerdy and adorable in this video; my interest in him is surely growing.

I was impressed with this video and song and can only hope that Akdong Musician stay true to their roots. I was told that they made most of the album by themselves which is very impressive for such young artists. I hope to hear more music like this from them soon.

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