My Favorite Voices in K-POP (Part 2)

In no particular order:

26.Ye Rin (15&)


When I heard her voice I was amazed at the fact that she was only fifteen years old! For such as young female, she has an amazing, mature and majestic voice. She is such a great singer. She can manipulate her voice to suit any song and her voice is much deeper than Jimin’s voice, so they harmonize almost flawlessly. One of JYPE’s best decisions ever was putting these two girls together!



27.Bomi (A Pink)

bomi (2)

Admittedly, the first thing that caught my attention of Bomi was her adorable face; the second was her adorable voice. I am still stumped that she can look so cute, but have a cute youthful voice that can sound melodic and attractive at the snap of a finger. I love to hear her sing even more than her fellow member, Eunji. I am probably more drawn to her youthful voice in comparison to Eunji’s deeper and more soothing voice.


28.Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls)

gain (06)

Ga-in is one of my favorite females in the industry. I am so drawn to her classy sexiness and soulful voice. I am not quite sure how she does it, but she is capable of emphasizing the sexy concept with her alluring and sensual vocals. I especially love to hear her sing high notes. Her voice does not sound strained and it brings goose bumps to my skin (in a good way!). You should listen to her live high note in Brown Eyed Girls song, “Sixth Sense”!



Previously I said that Ga-in is one of my favorite females in the industry, well, IU is my favorite female soloist! She was not always my favorite, but she gained a lot of respect from me during her “Good Day” era where she continuously hit those successive high-pitched notes not only in the studio recording, but also on the live stage! I was blown away by her talent! From then I found myself listening to more of her songs and being drawn to her beautiful and versatile voice and the reason I call her versatile is that she can adjust her voice to suit almost any type of song, whether it may be a mysterious one like “Cruel Fairy Tale”, a passive song like “Peach”, a cute song like “Marshmallow”, a ballad liked “Secret” or a simple retro-like song like “The Red Shoes”. I find myself more drawn to her voice when she sings oldies, so I really loved her latest cover album and the title song, “My Old Story”.

30.Minah (Girls Day)


I remember being annoyed by Minah when Girls Day was in their cuter era. Her “cute” image always seemed forced and fake. However, I always like her voice. It is very distinctive and I can pick it out in any song that she is in. I like her voice even more with this reformed Girls Day. It fits the sexy concept well and she can really hit those high notes.


그레이 Gray '위험해 Dangerous (feat. 박재범 Jay Park)' [Official Music Video] 21

For those who do not know, Gray is an artist under Jay Park’s new label, AOMG. I am a huge fan of Jay Park and his label, so it is only natural that I show favoritism towards Gray. Gray is a great rapper and a good singer. He is not one of the best, but I realized that I am really drawn to different and distinguishing voices and Gray definitely has a distinctive voice. It is scratchy and raspy, but I really like it. I cannot explain why I am drawn to voices like this. They just dispel the norm.


32.Jay Park


As I said just now, I am a huge fan of Jay Park. He is flexible. He can dance, rap and sing, and do I love to hear him sing. He has a voice that you do not really hear in the Korean music industry, but that may be because he grew up in the States. It is really fluid and captivating. He can go from rapping to smooth singing in a matter of seconds. He can also sing really well in falsetto as heard in his song “Metronome”. Although I love to hear him sing that is not why he is one of my top biases. As I have probably said in many other posts, Jay is one of the most honest and true celebrities in the industry. In other words, he gives no damns about anyone or anything. He stays true to himself and his music not matter what!



[MV] HEYNE(혜이니) _ DALLA(달라) 044

I previously stated that I was shocked at the fact that Yerin was so young, but had such a mature voice. In Heyne’s case this is the opposite! I was so shocked to learn that she is in her twenties! Her voice is very baby-like and is extremely high-pitched. It can almost break glass! I remember reading a comment on a social website where a user compared her voice to “an eternal flow of honey, unicorns and rainbows”. Her voice can be very annoying at times, but I guess that is what I like about it. It is a HUGE contradiction in itself.


34.Hyorin (Sistar)

Hyorin 5

She may not be my favorite KPOP star, but she is a powerful and notorious singer in the industry. Her booming voice gave her the title of Korea’s Beyonce. When I hear her voice, I am blown away each time. Although I get annoyed at the fact that she seems to monopolize Sistar, her voice ranks above most of the singers today.

35.Gayoon (4minute)


She is my favorite member of 4minute! Her voice is not as powerful as Hyorin or Yerin’s, but not as high-pitched or childish as Bomi’s or Heyne’s; it is in between. It has a distinctive sound that cannot completely describe. There is a certain attitude in her voice which will sound really good in a rock or high-energy song.

36.K. Will


I have not really paid much attention to K.Will until the release of “Please Don’t…”, but I really started to love him during his “Love Blossom” promotions. I just loved his stage presence and while singing you can see he enjoyed what he was doing and he enjoyed himself on stage. He has a classic pacifying voice that is fluid and fluent. When he sings love songs and ballads, one can fall in love all over again or fall in love for the first time. The way he sings really allows me to feel the emotions represented in the song.

37.Jaejoong (JYJ)


I love Jaejoong best during his solo promotions. “Mine” and “Just Another Girl” had a rock sound and his voice fit it perfectly! He has a rough voice that brings so much emotion and power to a song. I would really love to hear more songs like this from him. There are many KPOP groups and artists that attempt a rock concept. They may have the clothes and look to fit the concept, but their voices entirely mismatch the theme. In my opinion, Jaejoong does not only have the look to fit the concept, but also the voice.

38.Sojung (Ladies Code)


Ladies Code recently debuted, so I do not know much about Sojung, but do know is that I am really attracted to her voice. Based on the voices I have heard in the group, Sojung’s voice is my favorite. It really stands out from the others.

39.Lee Hi

Lee Hi

Lee Hi is another young singing protégé. She has a deep and charming voice that draws you into a song. She sings ballads, dark and slow songs really well. Her singing makes me reminiscent of Lorde’s voice for some reason. Lorde even stated that she wants to do a duet with Lee Hi sometime! I really hope Lee Hi makes a comeback soon.

40.Hanbyul (Led Apple)


Hanbyul is a great singer, but I mostly love his natural speaking voice. I remember when I first heard him speak I nearly died in happiness and shock. I really love hearing different accents, especially Australian accents, so hearing an Australian accent come from a cute guy like Hanbyul, really made me spazz out. When he sings in Korean you can even hear hints of his accent at several points.

41.Kangnam (M.I.B.)


I am a new fan of M.I.B and only became a fan of the group during their “Dash” promotions. I confess that the first thing that pulled me Kangnam was his looks, but I also found his voice appealing. His singing abilities (and looks) is what pulled me to the group.


42.Yoon Mi Rae


She is not the typical KPOP idol; she is not an idol in any way. Yoon Mi Rae is a legend. She is a gifted rapper and songwriter, but also has a voice full of soul. She can easily switch between charismatic rapping and emotional singing. I really admire her abilities and skills and place her on a level much higher than all KPOP stars and even some American performers.

43.Jongwan (Nell)


Jongwan probably has a unique voice. It has a sort of high-pitched scratchy tone which suits the songs of his band. I love Nell’s music. Their music has meaningful lyrics and a distinctive sound. They do not follow the current trends in the KPOP industry. They are a real band that is dedicated to their music. They may be part of a well-known entertainment industry, but they do not seem to be a company-manufactured band. This is just one of the many reasons why I love them and Jongwan’s vocals along with the other instruments played by the other bands united together makes good music.



Rain is a veteran singer and performer so he has a lot of experience in the music industry. He had a lot of training and practice and his vocal ability reflects that. I especially love to hear him sing in falsetto. It brings a smile to my face each time I hear him sing.

45.Taemin (SHINee)


Taemin has matured since SHINee’s debut years ago. In my opinion, he has grown the most in the group. His vocal ability has improved tremendously where he even snagged some lines from main vocalist and leader, Onew, and is capable of hitting those really high notes. His voice has really matured and quickly found its way up my favorites list.

46.Jonghyun (SHINee)


Jonghyun is one guy who really puts emotion in his voice. He manipulates his voice so a listener can really relate to the story being told in the lyrics. I remember watching a video of Jonghyun singing prolonged high notes and I sat in amazement just listening to him. He is really one of the most talented male singers to date.

47.Hyosung (Secret)


The reason I love Hyosung’s voice is because of its distinctiveness-my main reason for liking many of the voices in the industry. She has similar abilities as many singers, but her voice sounds much different and can be picked out from a choir of voices is the number one reason why I love Hyosung and her voice-apart from her body and sex appeal.

48.Onew (SHINee)

Onew (3)

I previously mentioned that Onew was one of the main singers of SHINee. He is not my favorite singer of the group, but I really admire his voice. It’s much lighter than Jonghyun’s powerful voice and Taemin’s mature vocals making it contrast well with each other and create dynamic and appealing songs.

49.Jessica (SNSD)


Many years ago when I just started getting into KPOP and Girls Generation, I thought that Jessica’s voice was one of the most annoying things ever. I confess that her talents and abilities was decent, but the sound of her voice turned me off completely. At some point, my irritation turned into admiration. I guess she just grew on me. Her sister, Krystal of f(x), is beginning to sound just like her! When I hear them sing together it is hard to tell them apart!

50.Sunny (SNSD)


Sunny’s voice is just like Heyne’s and Bomi’s. She sounds very cute and it complements her aegyo style! Any genre song that Sunny sings her voice still has that juvenile sound to it. It may not always match the theme of the song, but I still love to her sing.


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