Red Light MV and Album Review

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Finally, f(x) has returned with a dramatic and symbolic comeback, “Red Light”.  It seems like forever since their last album, “Pink Tape”. Pink Tape was an amazing album and “Rum Pum Pum Pum” became one of my favorite songs and music videos from f(x). They broke barriers with that album, so I wondered if they can really top their last success with this upcoming album. To my surprise the group was capable of doing so and I instantly fell in love with the music video and the album.

Music Video


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I am not going to hesitate to say that I loved the music video. The setting and concept seemed to represent a rebellion or war theme. It was a concept I have never seen from f(x) and I loved seeing this serious and militant side of them.

에프엑스_Red Light_Music Video 10

They wore somber demeanors and stuck with the theme, but the girls still looked gorgeous. If I wore a serious demeanor I would probably be the ugliest person on the planet!

Let’s not forget how mind-blowing sexy each girl looked in their teasers!


Re-focusing on the music video, as I previously implied, I was blown away by the concept and great symbolism. The camouflage they wore, their serious faces, the militant-like choreography and clips of symbolic images such as the explosion and fire all emphasized the rebellion concept. The effects and edits all tied the music video together creating an excellent and cinematic experience.



The song starts off with a light beat and drops into a heavy bass. It is a unique sound that I have not really heard in the music industry adding to the whole artistry of the video and album. If I had to describe the song in two words I would say that it is non-traditional and asymmetrical. It has verses, a chorus and break like any song, but the way the song was arranged and put together in such a way that each part sounds completely different. For example, the song right before the first chorus sounded completely different from right before the second chorus. The layout was not monotonous, so my interest was kept while listening to the song.

Each girl made a valuable contribution to the song. Krystal, Sulli and Luna were amazing vocalists and I was even happy to hear Victoria’s voice frequently throughout the song. Even Amber sounded amazing while singing during the bass. I really would love to hear her sing more often.



I always loved f(x)’s choreography. Personally, I believe that their dances are much better than the dances from their sister group, Girls Generation. Their dances are always expressive, synchronized and technical and this was definitely the case for Red Light. There was militant, synchronized and chain reaction movement that complemented the theme. There are no other words to describe the dance other than amazing.



에프엑스_Red Light_Music Video 14


The album was liquid gold. I loved almost every song upon the first listening. It’s no secret that Red Light was my favorite song on the album, but there are many more songs that were great and worth mentioning.



This song is an 180˚ difference to Red Light. The song had a strange beginning with animal sounds. Immediately it went into an authentic eastern sound with drums and traditional instruments. It was an unusual, but appealing for me. I really loved the harmonies and high notes and the verses were each member had their turn at rapping. It’s a fun and upbeat song that is easy to listen after a serious song such as Red Light.



This is a much slower song. This was my least favorite song on the album. I am not a huge fan of slow songs like this, but the song was still hypnotizing. However, after the second verse I broke through the hypnosis and it began to get tedious. The beginning of the song captured my interest, but there was nothing to keep that interest.


I was blown away from the first second. The song started off with a bang with Amber’s repeated and powerful “Kongdak”. It sounded like a hip-hop song. The song was slow, but the rapping, outbursts, repetition and low tones kept me fascinated.  This song is another one of my favorites from the album.

All Night

I heard that one of the key people that participated in the creation of this song was famous producer Teddy Riley, so I was especially excited to hear this song. It sounded like a “back-in times” disco song.  It did not fully meet my expectations, but I did enjoy listening to the song. It is a very easy and relaxing song to listen to.


This is another easy-listening song. It was a fun song to listen to. Apparently the same person who wrote Red Light and Milk also wrote this song, so it was a shock to me that all these songs sound differently. My favorite part of the song was Luna’s high note at the end.

Spit It Out

This song is another one of my favorites from the album. It is a very upbeat song that I found myself dancing to. The instrumental is just that addictive and the repetition and background vocals just fed my dance fever!

Boom Bang Boom

This is a dramatic song with a hip-hop sound. The repetition of “Boom Bang Boom” made the song even more powerful and intense and the speaking at the end made the song even more entertaining.


This start of this song was extremely creepy. There was spoken prose at the beginning with a deep and scary voice followed by a female scream. Even today I still do not understand what this deep creepy voice is saying, but it did make me even more absorbed in the song. It really fits the vampire and dark theme of the song.

Summer Lover

This is f(x)’s song for the summer. It is bright and refreshing and somehow reminds me of their past song “Hot Summer”.

Paper Hearts

This is the last song on the album and it is an appropriate song to end the album with. I really love this song. This song is a soothing and calming contrast after several upbeat songs.


2014 1


This is my favorite album from f(x). It is a pity that Sulli decided to take a hiatus from the entertainment industry which led to the early end of their promotions for the title song. It is unknown when they will receive great music like this again, so I will cherish this song and album as long as I can.

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