Sulli goes on a hiatus from the entertainment industry

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SM Entertainment released a statement confirming that Sulli will take a temporary hiatus from the entertainment industry and f(x)’s promotions for their new song, “Red Light” will have an early end. In the statement SM Entertainment specified that Sulli is mentally and emotionally drained from the malicious rumors and comments about her and wanted a break. The agency granted her this break and f(x) will continue future promotions with four members. These members will also engage in individual activities for the time being. It was not indicated how long Sulli will be on hiatus.


I was very disappointed to hear this news. There always seem to be some issue that cuts f(x)’s promotions short. I always say that idols are people too. They have feelings and emotions. They hurt when they see bad comments about them. Although it is a part of the industry that is unavoidable, it does not make it right. My best guess that many of these malicious comments are about Sulli’s latest scandal with Dynamic Duo’s, Choiza. Previously, these two idols have been caught up in a dating scandal, despite Choiza being many years senior to Sulli and recently, pictures of Sulli have been found in Choiza’s wallet. I am annoyed at the fact that netizens went this far to break Sulli mentally and emotionally. It annoys me even more as I read the comments on the news article announcing her hiatus, netizens continue to spread false rumors and harsh comments calling Sulli a “spoilt brat”.  These netizens hide behind their keyboard with the sole purpose of ruining another person’s life. Not only have they ruined Sulli, but they have also affected the rest of the group and true fans who wished to see them promote. Their immature and selfish acts make me very upset.

I hope that Sulli rests well and I hope to see her back in the industry soon. Maybe these netizens will grow up and true fans stay by her side and continue to support her and f(x).

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