Berryz Kobo going on an ‘indefinite hiatus’


Earlier today during the Hello Project Summer tour, Berryz Kobo’s captain, Shimizu Saki, announced that Berryz Kobo will be on an indefinite hiatus from the end of the 2015 Spring tour.

This is heart-breaking news for me and many other Hello Project fans worldwide. I do not have much information as to why this “indefinite hiatus” is occurring, but I do know for sure that Captain used these softer terms to practically mean that Berryz Kobo will be disbanding. It is unsure of what will happen to the members after this disbandment.

I am very heartbroken and sad to hear this news. Although they are my currently least favorite H!P group, I still hold them close to my heart. They were one of my first groups that I avidly listened to upon my discovery of Hello Project numerous years ago. Personally, I am not ready to let them go, but I am grateful for these ten to eleven years which they provided us with high energy and fun entertainment.

Thank you Berryz Kobo and I wish each member all the best in the coming years.


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