“Happiness” by Red Velvet



SM Entertainment, the top entertainment agency in the Korean Music Industry, made an announcement in July about the debut of a new girl group, Red Velvet. Being one the best agencies housing big artists such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ and EXO, it was no surprise that high expectations were held for this new group.

Red Velvet

(From left to right: Joy, Irene, Seulgi and Wendy)

Red Velvet consists of four members, Irene, Joy, Seulgi and Wendy. I have already begun to gain interest in Irene and Joy. It seems as if each girl has their personal color. If they change their hair styles I would never be able to distinguish one girl from the other.

Three of the four members were revealed to be a part of the agency’s pre-debut unit, “S.M. Rookies”. These girls already had a fan base making the transition into the entertainment industry much easier.

Red Velvet 레드벨벳_행복(Happiness)_Music Video 38

I was among those fans that eagerly anticipated the group’s debut. Other from the fact that the group was debuting from a well-known agency I watched their pre-debut dance and song videos and was very impressed.  It was also reported that they prepared for their debut with “Happiness” for over six months. They seem to harbor a lot of performing talent that has great potential in the entertainment industry.

Red Velvet 레드벨벳_행복(Happiness)_Music Video 22

When I finally watched the video, my expectations were reached and surpassed! I knew that the group would have an amazing song, but the video was equally great! The first thing I noticed was that the video seemed to follow a tropical and jungle concept. This is a concept that I do not see often among KPOP groups. That was one thing that set the group apart from the hundreds of groups in the industry and although it was a closed set, which SM Entertainment is famous for, they designed it to look like an outdoor setting, so kudos to the agency for that. I also loved the random effects and images shown throughout the video. Although there were some controversies surrounding these images they still made the video colorful, animated and fun.

I loved the song and video. The song was an upbeat and fun dance song. There was a prominent percussion sound along with fades, and repetition that contributed to the tropical theme and made a sound not really heard before. The choreography was repetitive and seemed fun to do and easy to follow.

At every moment my interest was maintained. I have watched the video probably a million times. It was a colorful, high quality video with high quality vocals. This song and video are much better than most of the songs and videos being made by senior groups. Red Velvet has really set themselves apart from the rookie groups of today and I continue to hope they continue to stand out and excel above the rest.

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