SPICA’s “I Did It” Review

I Did It


Earlier this month Spica made their American debut with the single, “I Did It”. Spica was the last group I would expect to make an American debut, not that they are not talented or incapable to do so, but they never showed interest in the American market. I did not even know that they could speak English!

Spica is well known for their powerful and soulful vocals and high expertise and experience in the entertainment industry. They are talented so I had high expectations for them when I read the announcement of their advancement into the American market. I really love their songs and I had faith that I would love this one as well, but I also knew that because they are a Korean group and are not well-known in America they would not be very successful. However, I was curious to hear the song and see the video.

“I Did It” is a typical upbeat song about female empowerment and independence. It was a typical concept for an American debut song. Their vocal talent shined through and their English pronunciation was excellent.  Since the song was in English, it is easy to sing along to. Boa rocked her parts.

On the other hand, the video disappointed me. It was a simple black and white video with uninteresting effects. The video basically consisted of close up shots of the girls, random shots of the choreography and some of the lyrics being shown across the screen. It was not special or high quality. I do not think a lot of money was spent on this video, which was disappointing because they could have captured a slightly larger audience if they had a better music video.

The music video disappointed me, but the song is really good. The video currently does not have many views so watch it below and share it around if you can!


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