Sunny Hill’s “Monday Blues”

I really miss the Sunny Hill from the “Pray”, “Midnight Circus” and “The Grasshopper Song” eras. Their songs were darker and more mysterious. I really loved the fact that the group was a co-ed group and pursued concepts that were unique and differed from the usual concepts being overused currently in the KPOP industry.

I was saddened when Janghyun took a temporary leave from the group to pursue his mandatory military service. During that time, Sunny Hill tried out new concepts and sounds and seemed to fall into line with all the girl groups in the industry. They were no longer unique and my love for them diminished. With Janghyun’s permanent leave, it seems that the group has completely abandoned the concept that made me fall in love with them in the first place.

Earlier this month, Sunny Hill released their first album and the music video for title track “Monday Blues”. The video was a cross between a sexy and office concept. I was disappointed to see that they used a concept that has been so strained in the industry by girl groups. I really admired them because they stood out from other groups, but now they are just like them.  The concept did not suit them in any way. The video was not really memorable for the storyline, setting or choreography. However, the song was unique and kept my interest. I have not really heard a song like this in the KPOP genre. Although they lost their individuality in concepts, their songs are still prominent among the rest in the industry.

The song was the saving grace for Sunny Hill. I did not like the video or choreography, but the song was addictive and fun. I really hope that Sunny Hill returns to their original concept with their next single.

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