My Updated List of Favorite Hello Pro Kenshuusei Members (September, 2014)

Best Hello Pro Kenshuusei

I realized that it has been a while since I have uploaded a favorite members list for the Hello Project trainees. There have also been a lot of additions and departures since my last list, so I thought it was about time to make a new one!

My favorite Hello Pro Kenshuusei are as follows:

1. Tanabe Nanami

2. Sasaki Rikako

3. Taguchi Natsumi

4. Danbara Ruru

 HP Ken Faves- Sep 14 (1)

These are my top four girls of the Kenshuusei program. All these girls have either captured my interest through their dedication, amazing vocal talent or inviting personalities. I believe that Rikako and Ruru are the perfect candidates for Morning Musume’s 12th generation and Nanami and Natsumi will be perfect additions for S/mileage’s 3rd Generation.

5. Murota Mizuki

6. Hamaura Ayano

7. Wada Sakurako

8. Kishimoto Yumeno

 HP Ken Faves- Sep 14 (2)

These girls are also in my top ten favorite members. They all have dedicated and spunky personalities that I love. Ayano and Mizuki are also my hopefuls for S/mileage’s 3rd Generation.

9. Haga Akane

10. Fuji Rio

11. Kaga Kaede

12. Funaki Musubu

 Fave Hp Ken- Sep 14 (3)

Some of these girls barely missed the top ten mark of my list, but are still pretty high up. They did not immediately capture my interest, for example, I found Rio very annoying during the S/mileage 2nd Generation auditions, but she has grown on me since then.

13. Yamaki Risa

14. Ichioka Reina

15. Yamagishi Riko

16. Nomura Minami

HP Ken Faves- Sep 14 (4)

What is similar about all these girls in this subset is that they have cute and adorable smiles and faces that I love. They may not wow me with their vocal talent, but they have smiles that bring sunshine to anyone’s day.

17.Makino Maria

18. Inaba Manaka

19. Ogawa Rena

20. Saito Kana

HP Ken Faves- Sep 14 (5)

We have come to that point in the list where I do not know these members very well. However, they are not completely last in the list because something about them stood out to me. Kana sprung my interest when I learned that she had previous experience with the same musical group that Tamura Meimi was in. Based on Meimi’s improvement and professionalism, I have high hopes for Kana as well. Maria captured my interest because of her Western name, while Rena captured my interest because she was a part of the first audition I witnessed since joining the Hello Project fandom. Manaka captured my interest because many fans stated that she would have been the best choice for Country Musume.

21. Yokogawa Yumei

22. Niinuma Kisora

23. Mikame Kana

 Fave HP Ken- Sep 14 (6)

I know very little about these girls. When Yumei joined Hello Project, I thought she looked very pretty and mature for her age; Kana has a unique physique that intrigues me and Kisora has an unique name.

24. Inoue Hikari

25. Aikawa Maho

26. Takemura Miu

HP Ken Faves Sep 14 (7)

I know absolutely nothing about these girls and they do not encourage me to learn more about them either. Two of these three members are still quite new, so I guess my interest will grow with time.

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