Jessica Jung is no longer a member of Girls Generation



As if the departure of Kris was not enough to impair SM Entertainment’s revenue and reputation, it seems as if they have also stirred up trouble with their biggest group, Girls Generation!

I am pretty sure everyone knows what occurred between both parties by now, so I would not go into an in-depth recap on the situation. However, for a very short summary of what occurred: Jessica randomly posted on her Weibo one night stating that she was in shock that she has been kicked out of the group without warning. SM Entertainment released a statement confirming that Jessica will no longer be promoting with Girls Generation because she broke her contract upon the launch of her fashion brand “BLANC and ECLARE”. The company then went onto say that the remaining members of Girls Generation supported their decision of halting Jessica’s promotions within the group. This of course led to many rumors and speculations. However, in the end Jessica remains with SM Entertainment, but is no longer a part of Girls Generation.

Now I am not a legal or financial advisor, but any one with common sense could figure it out. In my honest opinion, SM Entertainment has screwed. I believe that they stand too high on their throne of power and are blinded to the fact that even kings and kingdoms fall.

Jessica was one of the group’s most popular and talented members and letting her go like that does not only affect the group, but also puts a huge dent on the revenue they receive. Jessica has a HUGE fan base, so removing her means there will be fewer fans to invest in the company.

SM Entertainment claimed that the other members of Girls Generation agreed to let Jessica go. Many fans pretty much soaked this information up and felt betrayed by the remaining group members. I take everything that entertainment companies say with a grain of salt, so I will refuse to believe their statement until I am given some extraordinary proof. However, I will say that the girls seemed hurt and regretful based on their actions and tears at the last few fan meetings.

Jessica was not my favorite member of the group, but I cannot help but to feel heart broken. Girls Generation was one of the first KPOP groups I started listening to and Jessica was one of the first faces I got to know. I feel as if I have an attachment to her, so it is sad to see the group split like this.

With Kris’ departure and Jessica’s removal from the group, SM Entertainment placed themselves in hot water. Hopefully, soon fans will be able to see the light in this dark year for KPOP.



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