Lee Joon and Thunder leaves J. Tune Entertainment and MBLAQ



This year continues to be a horrific year for K-POP as news breaks about yet another K-POP group that is in jeopardy. This time, it seems as if the trouble has left SM Entertainment and branched into MBLAQ’s agency, J. Tune Camp. It has been reported that Lee Joon and Thunder have not renewed their contracts with the company and plan to leave MBLAQ. J. Tune Camp released an official statement saying that nothing has been finalized and negotiations are currently under way.

However, Lee Joon will still be partaking in MBLAQ’s concert in November.

Upon hearing this news my heart continued to break. It seems as if all the older groups that I love are slowly beginning to disband and disappear. Even veteran groups like Girls Generation are currently facing trouble. It makes me wonder what will become of K-POP within the coming years. To be honest, I am now very paranoid and worried about all other groups within the industry. Each entertainment group has a time limit. Although there are some older groups such as g.o.d and Shinhwa who continue to rein in the industry even after a decade, it seems as if time is almost up for many other groups. For the great input of rookie groups, there must be an output of other groups and artists.

The status of MBLAQ and its remaining members are now up in the air. However, despite everything I wish Joon and Thunder all the best in their future endeavors.

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