Luhan signs for nullification of his contract with SM Entertainment


We thought that SM Entertainment could not get into any more trouble, but they proved us wrong.

Earlier this week, it was reported that EXO’s Luhan has signed for nullification of his contract with SM Entertainment. Reasons given were:

  • The share of revenue between members were not fair;
  • The Chinese members of the group were being treated differently than the Korean members;
  • He has been forced to promote despite being very sick

It is no secret that entertainment companies are not the best at managing the well-beings of their idols. However, SM Entertainment has taken the throne for the WORST entertainment company EVER. Not only have Kris and Jessica left their respective groups, but now Luhan has gotten tired of their crap sand decided to take action. There is also a rumor floating about that the remaining Chinese members, Tao and Lay, will leave the group and join another agency within China.

SM is already beginning to feel the brunt of their decisions as their fan base drastically diminished and their stocks plummeted making YG Entertainment the largest entertainment company in South Korea.

SM Entertainment is currently attempting to cover up their mess by promoting Red Velvet and Super Junior. Today, it was also rumored that EXO will be making a comeback on the 25th!

I think that SM Entertainment still thinks that they are on their high throne above every other entertainment agency in South Korea. Little do they know that their impulsive and careless decisions have led to their demise. I really hope that they get rid of the current CEO, Kim Young Min, hire new management, develop a better plan and treasure whatever they have left because they are currently heading down a dark and dangerous road.

Luhan was one of my favorite members of the group, so it is heart breaking to see him go. However, I do not blame him for his decision. There is better for him out there. I hope that SM Entertainment gets their act together and no more of their idols will be affected.

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