Yajima Maimi: Hello Project’s New Leader

july 2014


Upon Michishige Sayumi’s graduation on November 26th Yajima Maimi will succeed Sayumi’s position of Hello Project Leader.

During an interview, Sayumi stated that specifically chose Yajima Maimi because of Berryz Kobo’s incoming indefinite hiatus and the many changes that will be occurring within Hello Project. She stated that she believed that Maimi would be able to effectively fill the role as leader and help guide the younger members.

If Shimizu Saki was not graduating from Hello Project next year, she may have received this role instead of Maimi. I am a bit disappointed because I really anticipated Saki to be the leader of Hello Project someday. She had excellent leadership skills, determination and charisma and those traits would have been more than perfect to guide and develop the younger members.

However, I believe that Yajima Maimi will be able to fulfill her role. She has been an excellent leader for C-ute and she will be an excellent leader for the rest of Hello Project.

With Sayumi and Berryz Kobo’s upcoming leave, the addition of new members and the name change of S/mileage, Hello Project is really going through a lot of renovation. Next year, Hello Project will be a completely different company with a more youthful atmosphere. I am curious to see how this all plays out being a fan for several years and I am generally optimistic about the outcomes.

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