2NE1’s CL to make an American debut next year

CL (1)

It has finally happened! YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1’s leader, CL, will be making her American debut in the upcoming year!

Many Blackjacks are excited for this news and are already predicting CL’s success. On the other hand, I was a bit dubious upon hearing the news.

I am a huge fan of 2NE1, especially CL. Anyone who actively reads my blog can see that. However, when it comes to breaking into the American market I start to get a bit doubtful. It is true that CL is fluent in English, has amazing fashion sense and performing talent, but the American market is a huge field to jump into. The Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, JYJ and even SPICA have all tried and unfortunately, none have made a dent or any grand effect on the American audience. I am not saying that CL is incapable of achieving success, she is multi-talented and not to mention very beautiful, but the American market is very large and she will be entering a battlefield that even some American artists cannot win.

However, I try not to be pessimistic and I look at the bright side of things. I am sure that CL will release amazing music that Blackjacks and K-POP fans would love and enjoy. I know I will be one of those people especially since I love CL and I am biased to anything YG Entertainment. But the real question is: will American fans that do not know anything about CL, 2NE1 or the Korean music industry be interested in any way?

PSY got lucky because his music video was comical and became a viral hit. Even though many people did not like the song, they could not help but laugh at it and share the video around. After Gangnam Style, PSY did not see so much success with Gentleman and Hangover. I really hope that YG Entertainment learnt from these mistakes and properly promote and manage CL’s American solo debut.


CL is set to make her American debut in spring 2015. Despite being wary about the whole situation, I still anticipate the music she will release and the reception from the KPOP and NON-KPOP audience.

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