Featured Artist

Koda Kumi


Name: Koda Kumiko

Birth Date: November 13, 1982

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Koda Kumi is a Japanese pop artist that made an early debut in 2000 during her teenage years. She quickly rose to fame with her varied, controversial style and high quality dance and performing skills. She has even made her American debut very early on in her career. Although she is currently married and has started a family, she is still very active within the entertainment industry and continues to be a successful and influential figure.

Author’s Comments: Koda Kumi was one of the first artists I was interested in when I started listening to Japanese music. I was blown away by her melodic voice, amazing dance moves and her risky concepts. She is very versatile. No matter what genre she pursues, whether it is R&B, rock or hip-hop, she always rocks each song! She will always be one of my favorite Japanese idols. She reminds me of BoA in many ways. Both idols had an early start in their career and follow similar concepts. They both debuted into the American market and are excellent dancers and performers. I know that they have collaborated in the past (see video below), but I would love to see both idols perform a high-powered dance song together! It would be beyond amazing!

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