Juice=Juice’s 5th Single Music Video Review

Single Information: Juice=Juice’s 5th single, “Senobi/Date Ja Nai Yo Uchi no Jinsei wa” was released on October 1st. This is their 3rd release for the year and currently their lowest-selling single.

I have been impressed with Juice=Juice since their debut. Although they are still a relatively new group in Hello Project, they consist of strong vocalists and put on powerful and memorable performances. Their improvement and music continues to blow me away. This single may be their lowest-selling single but they still managed to be one of the top selling groups in Hello Project after Morning Musume ’14 and C-ute selling over 32,000 copies. This is not my absolute favorite single album from them, but I still really like the songs.



This is my favorite song and music video out of the two songs on the double A-side single. It was mature and sexy, a concept that Juice=Juice has yet to fully explore. Juice=Juice may have members that are still of a young age (excluding Yuka and maybe Tomoko) but each girl was able to depict this cool and sexy concept flawlessly.

The group vocals at the beginning of the song created an alluring and mysterious atmosphere that contributed to the concept and made the beginning of the video very dramatic. The background “woah woah woah” also made goose bumps rise along my skin. They sang this song really well and helped create the atmosphere for the video.

Other than the dramatic beginning and enthralling song, nothing really stood out to me from the music video except for the sea of bright blue in the girls’ outfits and throughout the set. I really love bright colors like the shade of blue used, so that instantly drew my interest in the video from the first second. The colors and lighting of the set really brightened up the video.

The choreography placed a lot of emphasis and focus on the girls’ hands and upper body. The dance was not too individualistic and had a lot of group dance portions. Choreography like this really interests me. Juice=Juice is a group and I believe that the choreography should be more group-oriented rather than all the girls individually performing the dance.

Member Spotlight:

oct 2014


Tomoko looked absolutely gorgeous for this video. There is no doubt that she is one of Hello Project’s sexiest members. Her voice and physique just draws you in like a magnet. She portrayed the concept best out of all the girls in the group.

This video was the typical close up-dance shot Hello Project video, so there is not much I can say about it. However, the amazing song, dance and bright set really made me enjoy the video a little more.

“Date Ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei Wa”


“Date Ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei Wa” is fun, girly and energetic making it a complete contrast to their first song in single. Their bright faces and the lively choreography brought a smile to my face and uplifted my mood instantly. It is amazing that they were capable of switching between the mature concept in Senobi to the more youthful and jubilant one in this video. This goes to show their versatility as a group.

The choreography is my favorite part of the video. Just as in their previous song, the choreography is interactive and group-focused. On the other hand, the closed and dark set of the music video irritated me a bit. As this is a happier song I expected an equally or more brighter set, but it was limited to a large room with a brick wall, low lighting and musical instruments in the background. I was disappointed to see this. 

Member Spotlight:

oct 2014


The song had a more or less equal line distribution- I got to hear all the members at least twice. Akari often gets the lesser end of the stick when it comes to solo lines, so I was happy to hear more from her. From those few solo lines she sang, I could tell how much she has grown and improved since her debut. Her singing has vastly improved. Her charisma has also grown. If she continues along this road of improvement, I can see her being one of the front girls sooner or later.



I have been in love with Juice=Juice’s songs so far. Their songs are cool, different and fresh and this single is no different. I am not fully impressed with the music videos but I still really love the songs. I am looking forward to see what Juice=Juice will bring in the upcoming year.

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