Super Junior’s ‘This is Love’ & ‘Evanesce’ Review

“This is Love” and Evanesce” are very two similar songs that both strongly contrast the main title song, “Mamacita”. They have the same vibe and atmosphere and the same set has been recycled for both songs. Both videos even had similar formats with the use of low hues, black and white scenes, continuous scenes and a dance solo.

To be honest since this was a repackaged album I did not have high expectations for these videos, especially since SM Entertainment is currently facing a lot of tribulations. However, I found myself somewhat enjoying these videos. Super Junior is one of the veteran groups in the current K-Pop industry and they have proved it through their excellent songs, videos and performances.

“This is Love”

This is actually my favorite song off the album after Mamacita. It is soulful and relaxing. The vocals were warming and smooth and all the boys looked suave and charming in their suits. I was even surprised to see Heechul rapping. Maybe he will take over from Shindong when he leaves for his military service. The choreography matched the song really well and I especially loved the dance break by Eunhyuk and Donghae. The boys put on a good performance for this music video.

My usual complaint is with the infamous closed or boxed sets that SM Entertainment loves to use for their music videos. The black and white set with the red highlights were cool and the continuous scenes made the video even more interesting to look at, but I feel like these boxed sets are too tedious and lack innovation. For a large company such as SM Entertainment, I feel like they can do much better where sets and backgrounds are concerned, even for repackaged album comebacks.


This video seems to be a continuation from ‘This is Love’. As I mentioned previously, the same set, format and outfits have been recycled. The songs are pretty similar as well. The only major difference with this video is the implicit storyline. There are a lot more dramatic scenes with the members looking sad or upset, interacting with props such as dying flowers and leaves. Even the dance break portion was reproduced with Eunhyuk and a female dancer.

A part of me feels like there is a deeper meaning to these videos. There was a reason why they were connected, why the same set was used and why the songs are very similar. But another part of me feels like SM Entertainment got lazy and decided to use the same set and format. I really want to lean towards my first interpretation.

Although both songs and videos are quite similar, I really like them. The rest of the album is also really good. Take a listen and support the boys if you have not already done so!

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