Favorite Hello Project Members (Nov 2014)

There have been so many changes in Hello Project this year. Members have left and have been added and even new groups were created. With all these changes my preferences and favorites within the group are fluctuating as well!

Below is my most recent list of my favorite Hello Project members in order. This list comprises of members from Morning Musume (excluding Michishige Sayumi), Berryz Kobo, C-ute, S/mileage, Juice=Juice and Country Girls:



44) Morita Chisaki

43) Shimamura Uta

42) Ogata Haruna

41) Haga Akane

40) Ozeki Mai

I still do not know much about these girls and they do not encourage me to learn more about them. All of these girls are still pretty new to Hello Project, so I guess with time, as I know more about them they may either go up or down my list.



39) Yamaki Risa

38) Aikawa Maho

37) Sato Masaki

36) Makino Maria

35) Katsuta Rina

34) Tokunaga Chinami

33) Kumai Yurina

32) Wada Ayaka

31) Sudo Maasa

30) Iikubo Haruna

There are numerous reasons as to why these girls are so low down on the list. For Haruna, Maasa, Chinami and Masaki’s case, they all have compelling personalities that draw people in, but in my opinion their skills are not up to par. For Rina, Yurina and Ayaka, they are not the worst singers, but their personalities have not drawn me in either. Finally, I still have much to learn about Maho, Maria and Risa, but based on what I have seen from them so far they have potential as performers and have shining personalities that pique my interest in them.



29) Murota Mizuki

28) Hagiwara Mai

27) Inaba Manaka

26) Uemura Akari

25) Fukumura Mizuki

24) Ishida Ayumi

23) Fukuda Kanon

22) Yajima Maimi

21) Sugaya Risako

20) Takagi Sayuki

These girls are great performers and may have dynamic personalities. However, a few things about them I may dislike or get annoyed with, for example, Mai’s nasal voice or Risako’s whining vibrato and constant serious face in music videos.



19) Ikuta Erina

18) Miyamoto Karin

17) Nakajima Saki

16) Sasaki Rikako

15) Kanazawa Tomoko

14) Sayashi Riho

13) Tsugunaga Momoko

12) Kudo Haruka

11) Nonaka Miki

This grouping is a mixture of girls that I admire and respect for their talent, determination or their loveable character and personality. I greatly admire Miki, Riho, Tomoko, Saki and Karin for their amazing performing talent and Haruka, Momoko, Erina and Rikako for their personalities and determination.



10) Natsuyaki Miyabi

9) Nakanishi Kana

8) Tamura Meimi

7) Takeuchi Akari

6) Oda Sakura

5) Miyazaki Yuka

4) Shimizu Saki

3) Suzuki Airi

2) Okai Chisato

1) Suzuki Kanon

These girls are the cream of the crop-my favorite members of Hello Project. They are either great performers, charismatic leaders or have dynamic and enthralling personalities that I love! I dislike little to nothing about them!

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