Berryz Koubou’s Last Single

When I first heard the news of Berryz Koubou’s indefinite hiatus I was so shocked that I broke the furniture in my room. I was bewildered, heartbroken and startled. I was in love with this group for so long and I did not want to see their end. 


The expectations I had for this last single were much different from what I expected. I anticipated that Berryz would end off things with a BANG but I was pleasantly surprised to see that their songs, “Romance wo Katatte” and “Towa no Uta” had a more calm and cheery atmosphere. I was not disappointed with these songs and music videos in any way.

Romance wo Katatte

This song and video is very reminiscent of the 80’s. The bright set and outfits, gray scale filter at the beginning of the video and kaleidoscope effects all contributed to this concept. It was a sweet, catchy and lighthearted video and song that practically made me cry. This is the last time we will see all the girls together like this.

Although the video was simple, it was elegant. You saw and heard from all of the members and their smiling faces complemented this feel-good song. The choreography was not complex, but its simplicity fit into the concept of the video so well, especially with the heart formation.

Last single

I believed that all the girls shone throughout the music video. This was the perfect song to end of Berryz with. This song brings a lot of emotions to me. It makes me sad that this will be the last single from the girls but at the same time it makes me grateful and happy that I got to know them and their music for these few years.

Towa no Uta

This song is much different from “Romance wo Katatte”. It is a more energetic and festive song and for some strange reason it reminds me of Buono’s music with a slight Berryz style to it. It is a fun and happy song with another simple but emotion inducing music video.

I loved almost every aspect of the video from their plaid outfits to the flashbacks of each member performing from their younger days. This video left me sad but nostalgic. It really felt like a song of eternity.

Last single 1

Again all the girls shone throughout this music video. They really focused on the girls’ growth from debut until present and if you have been following Berryz for a while you will see that improvement and growth is evident in their performances.

Berryz Cover

I am very proud of this group. I loved both videos and songs. I confess that some times their music and their videos were not my favorite but I still continued to support them. Now I feel empty and heartbroken now that this is the end. I am still in shock. However, I wish the girls all the best in their future endeavors. I especially look forward to seeing Momoko in Country Girls.


Thank you for everything!

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